Mind & Heart Together Choose Unity over Separation

“Thus the integration of mind and heart must be our goal in order for you to create the state in which unity can be experienced. Obviously, this is up to you. As you chose to create a state of separation, you must choose to create a state of unity.” (ACOL, C:18.15)

With A Course of Love, we are encouraged to believe that we have some control over our salvation, our enlightenment. We can “choose” state of unity. In A Course in Miracles, this choice was not as certain. In ACIM, we were encouraged to believe that most of the choice lay with God; He would reach down and pick us up when we were ready. Of course, we had to “do” things to get ready, and this has always been in our control.

We do not do things in a vacuum. We need guidance every step of the way, for unity is not something that we can know ahead of time. The integration of heart and mind in ACOL is new to our ears; it is not a part of ACIM, but a step beyond. This is part of the reason that I believe ACOL was channeled; Jesus had unfinished business with us, for our identities had not been established, our new identities. We had just seen the falling away of the ego, but we had not been given guidance about what we needed for a replacement. This time of indecision was a danger point, for A Course of Love indicates that the ego arose in just such a time. We certainly don’t want a new ego to rise on the ashes of the way from which we have just been purged.

So we must ask for guidance as we seek unity, as we seek enlightenment. We cannot do it ourselves, though we can remove the barriers to love’s reemergence. Removing the barriers is actually the only thing that is in our power and perception. Knowledge will come when we open to this guidance, for perception is superseded by knowledge of the true, the good, and the perfect.

Ask for help today in our pathway. We need this help, and we will have this help, when we just ask. That is all that is required: asking. And the blessings of receiving will rain down upon our heads.

Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

8 thoughts on “Mind & Heart Together Choose Unity over Separation”

  1. Let’s remember or recognize the everyday miracles that we have grown to expect without thanks. Everyone start a list just for yourself and share it with your Higher Power. Try and remember them the next time you open your eyes in the morning and close them before you go to sleep. Your appreciation will grow very fast if it’s done daily and there’s a good chance your course you are on now will change.

    1. Good thoughts!

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      Many thanks for considering.

      Love, Celia

  2. Hi Celia,

    Just a comment about ACIM saying the choice lies with God. I know this confuses a lot of people. It’s an abstract concept that’s hard to articulate. Let me see if I can give it a go in my own words, working off a quote from ACIM:

    “Forgetting our misperceptions, and with nothing from the past to hold us back, we can remember God. Beyond this, learning cannot go. When we are ready, God Himself will take the final step in our return to him.”

    The final step, if you will, /does/ belong to God. The separate self cannot take this step—the very idea of separation that gives rise to the sense of a separate self necessarily prevents that from happening.

    In fact there is no return to God, no final step for God to take, as there was never any leaving. This makes no sense to that which thinks it is a separate self, and so ACIM caricaturizes God and the separate self, and articulates a process of return as though separation actually exists.

    1. Jiffy —

      Good thoughts!

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      Many thanks, Celia

    2. Thanks Jiffy. My understanding exactly. Our separation is ‘imagined’, not actual. A Course of Love mentions that the ‘original purpose’ was to express Love in form and this God did not oppose. Separation was never the purpose although it has incorrectly been explained as the purpose of this new way of expressing.

  3. Thanks Celia. Yes, I remember reading in ACOL that the integration of mind and heart is the first Union to accept. Learning in Unity continues thereafter. Derek

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