The Inner Self Can & Does Heal

“Having no one to receive and reject feelings of pain and replace them with feelings of love causes all your distress. Think not that you react to pain of any kind with the love from your real Self that would dispel it. The Self you have taken out of the learning loop is the Self of love.” (ACOL, C:18.24)

The Self of love is fundamentally important in our journey home. In this quotation, we learn that referring to our real Self, the inner Christ Self, will eliminate pain. What an assertion! Our Self receives this pain, replaces this pain with love, and then the pain disappears.

Can we take this assertion literally, at face value? Many times we can, because our pain is often made by our minds, and when we let go, turning to the deeper Self, we give our little, or personal, minds a break.

Questions about healing are always difficult to handle, for often there is an emotional healing when there is still physical pain. Sometimes this emotional healing is all that happens, and we think that Jesus (or God) has failed us. But has the universe failed us? Or have we failed it?

We need to recognize that whatever pain we feel is real to us, though actually illusory in these physical bodies. The fact that it is real to us will prompt Jesus to come to our aid, even though he knows that the form is an illusion. The form does have a reality, though, just not in the sense that we usually think that it does. And this form can know healing, a fact that may incline us toward wondering if illusion is really illusion.

Turn to the Self today if any pain rears its ugly head. Certainly don’t let pain escalate into suffering. Our Self will heal, and if all the healing we get is emotional healing, this is still OK. The mind and heart, together, can rise above much that in our physical plane seems to keep us down.

Turn to the Self today, and see if your response to that Self doesn’t provide a healing that you have not expected. Expect to be healed, and see if the expectation becomes a reality. I am betting that the healing will become a reality.


Dear Father/Mother,

Our various aches and pains get us down. Some is emotional, some physical. Help me to turn to the Self today when I am threatened with some illusion of illness. Be with me as I turn to the Self to heal the emotions and the body.

Thank you for the guidance of A Course of Love. Its heartfelt message is manna for my spirit, and I am much buoyed by its words.


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