In Creation All Needs Are Met Instantly

“In creation, all needs are fulfilled the instant they become needs, which is why there are no needs. If everything you need has been provided, having needs makes no sense.” (ACOL, C:19.14)

This quotation about needs being fulfilled is an echo from A Course in Miracles. Our wants are not always satisfied, maybe especially when those wants are ego-oriented, but our needs are met, and at the point of their arrival in our lives.

A similar statement from ACIM, that the solution is always found with the problem, is appropriate as well. What are our needs except problems waiting to be solved? For what else do we normally pray?

A Course of Love is so heartwarming, and this is certainly appropriate for a work that focuses on listening to our heart as the way to live. This particular quotation reassures us that needs are not actually there at all in creation, in reality, and the needs that we think we have are part of the illusion.

We may be skeptical that our needs are met at the point of identifying them. But think back, and so how many problems in our lives have found solutions. Remember that time is not part of eternity, for in eternity there is no space nor time. So if there does seem to be a delay in finding the solution, the answer to the need, remember that it is part of the illusion in which we live.

Creation is on our side; this is something that we need never to doubt. Creation is ongoing, continually expanding and changing. This is the same as saying that God Himself is not static.

God does answer needs, though time seems to be elastic, and sometimes time expands before the answer comes. In eternity time has no meaning, and so if there is any delay, this delay is meaningless.

Know that our needs are satisfied, and that we do not have long to wait for solutions to problems. This means that everything we need has been provided. And this is what Jesus has just told us.


Dear Father/Mother,

Thank You for all miracles that show up in my life—the little ones as well as the large. And there actually are no little miracles, for all are a gift from You. My heart is very full today, conscious of Your loving care of me. May I be patient and wait for the answer to any question that I pose to You. I know that the time does not actually matter, because all time is an illusion.

But I get impatient sometimes, and it is for this impatience that I ask for Your patience. Let me lean on You a little, that I might follow in Your way, and not disturb the pattern of the universe by acting too hastily.

Thank You for being there for me.


3 Replies to “In Creation All Needs Are Met Instantly”

  1. Thanks for that wonderful devotion today. I get impatient sometimes with myself and with my daughter when she’s here. You reminded me that I need to pray for patience. Please keep me in your prayers, and I shall do the same for you. Have a blessed day.

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