Know Healing in Stillness

“This going back is the journey without distance. You need not go in search of it, and in truth, cannot, for the past does not abide in you. What you need rather do is strive for a place of stillness from which what needs review can arise as if it were a reflection arising from a deep pool. Here what is in need of healing will but briefly come to the surface and leave the hidden depths where light could not reach it and healing could not come. What comes forth for healing needs but a nod of love from your heart, a passing glance of compassion, the merest moment of reflection, before it will dissi¬pate and show a new reflection.” (ACOL, C:19.21)

We are trying to heal the depths within. If we cultivate stillness, including mellowness, we are going in the right direction. Then the subconscious relaxes, and intuitions, with thoughts, rise to the surface to be prayed away. This prepares us for enlightenment. And this is truly a journey without distance, for the self is not going anywhere.

These ideas in A Course of Love are also reflected in a similar work, The Way of Mastery. We need to get still enough to allow our innermost thoughts to rise to the surface; we are inviting the subconscious to come forth and thereby be healed. This idea was not expressed so succinctly in A Course in Miracles, but Jesus’s later writings indicate that he is aware that this procedure works. And his whole thrust is to get us to Christ-consciousness, and thereby we can move into a new world, one that the Self will create. This is truly a new reality, a true reality, and we need to do what we can to woo it.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I be still today, this time of quiet, so that my innermost thoughts and feelings can surface. This will promote mellowness, and I feel so close to You when I am mellow. Thank You for giving me the support that I need to move closer to You, not in fear any longer, but in love.

Be with all whom I encounter today. May I do something to make a difference in their lives. May my significant other know that my heart is in the right place. Grant that today will go well, as I seek to spread Your good will with my every step.


2 Replies to “Know Healing in Stillness”

  1. Thank you so much for this mediation and blog. Mellowness wow the simplistic nature of love ever for us to be reminded that to Rest in God’s love is always there for us no matter what. Thank you again.

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