Remembrance Will Save Us Now

“The first step in remembering this holiness is forgetting. Let yourself forget that you do not feel holy and that the world does not appear to be sacred. Let your heart remember that you are holy and that the world is sacred. A thousand things can pull you from your remembrance. Forgetting “things” can free you to remember.” (ACOL, C:20.23)

We are not learning new things as we read A Course of Love, as much as we might think that we are. We are being led back, in forgotten memory, to a remembrance of what we knew many eons previously. This remembrance will save us. Nothing else can.

It is important not to view ACOL as “new doctrine,” because if we do that, we will wonder about everything that we read. Ask ourselves, instead, if this way of viewing the world hits a resonant cord in our hearts. Do we FEEL that what this voice is saying is true? Do we want it to be true—for what we want will come about. This is the truth that we create our own reality.

We need to forget all the notions that say that these ideas are too good to be true. Do they FEEL true? That is the litmus test.

We don’t need to apply our logical brain to this exercise. Our heart knows something that the mind does not. That is why forgetting is so important. We have listened to the egoic mind for eons; now is the time to turn from that to something better—the heart, the heart that doesn’t demand proof, but just knows in a way that the mind does not.


Dear Father/Mother,

The best that we can do is follow the guidance that whispers in our ears throughout the day. We don’t need to apply logic to this silent whispering; we just need to trust, and trust is not hard to do, when our egoic thinking has been stilled.

Be with me today so that I don’t act impulsively, and then regret my actions. I need to be stopped in my tracks if I start heading off in the wrong direction. And I ask for this stopping to be done as gently as You can. I know that You know me better than I know myself.

And in Your knowing are all my questions answered.


5 Replies to “Remembrance Will Save Us Now”

  1. Celia, your writing about forgetting and remembering was especially appealing to me today. The emphasis on not seeing ACOL as a new message can be a trap for me and I find it challenging to feel like I ‘knew’ all those beautifully releasing tenents before.

    To ask my heart if I ‘feel’ as though I knew some message or another an ‘eon’ ago is just what I want to begin doing more consciously. I think unconsciously I have been doing this because each time I have been angry or confused about something I am reading, I always come back to it and it begins to unfold it’s loving message to my grateful heart!

    Thank you Celia! Paula

  2. Celia thank you for this mediation today . I love the line about a 1000 remembrances of forgetting out power and who and what we truly are. Wow I feel a genuiness of heart and mind through reading your blog thank you. Hugs re

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