A Kinder, Gentler World

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“Your thinking will begin to change to reflect your recognition of reception. Reception and welcome are highly linked. You will find you are welcome to all the gifts you recognize in your brothers and sisters just as you freely will offer yours to serve them. To serve rather than to use is an enormous change in thinking, feeling, and acting. It will immediately make the world a kinder, gentler place. And it is only a beginning.” (ACOL, C:20.44)

“Use,” as described here, is the sense that we choose our friends and family for what we can get out of them, what good they can do for us in a sometimes difficult world. This means that we have been likely to surround ourselves with friends solely because we didn’t want to be alone. This means that we cozy up to our family in case we need their financial help. This means that we try to succeed in the world just for the sake of competition, to come out on top, not because we are trying to do anything good for other people.

“Service” is the alter-ego of use. Service is when we think of the other person’s best interest, even if aside from our own best interest. We do things for other people that may be laudatory, but we don’t take egoic satisfaction from our deeds. We are just glad to help.

When we serve, we do receive in like measure, but our reception is not tainted by overriding self-interest. When we serve, we are, as Jesus says, living in a kinder, gentler world. Our deeds may even go unrecognized, but this does not disturb us, because we have moved out of ego. Our heartfelt response to others is what saves us, and save them. We are living salvation.


Dear Father/Mother,

This day filled with brilliant sunshine also fills my heart with calm joy. It is a good day. Help me to go out in the world, when next I do so, with a calm and radiant spirit imbued by the peacefulness that I sense right now.

Be with us as we seek to be of service in Your world. Your world, of course, is not the egoic world that we previously knew, but a new, real world that is permeated, through and through, with Your love. Peace, harmony, calm, joy, limitless release—these await us in the real world that we enter when we have turned to our hearts for solace.

Help me to remember to turn to my heart throughout this glorious day.


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