Trying to Analyze Our Way into Heaven

“You have made of yourself a laboratory where you bring everything for examination, categorization, testing, and filing away. This is the scenario that separates you from everything else within your world. Everything has meaning only according to what it means to you and not as what it is.” (ACOL, C:22.17)

We have been quite self-centered, and while there is a time, explained by A Course of Love, for this self-centeredness when we are on the pathway to enlightenment, this self-centeredness during the time of separation has not been warranted. We have been guilty of thorough and ongoing analysis, and analysis normally is of the ego. We sift through the aspects of our world, in separation, and we try to make sense of what we see. But we are wrong.

It is only in love that we can find any truth in this weary world. And love doesn’t seem enough for us, for what religious tradition has not harkened to this as an answer, and things have remained the same? We have been trying to solve our problems, our sifting through evidence, by ourselves? Sure, we call on God, but we don’t really expect to hear His answers. We think that we are best dependent on ourselves, as we always have. And this, alas, does not get us what we want.

We need to see things as they are. As “is” is a recurring theme in ACOL. We have always been self-referencing, and this will not work. We have seen, indeed, that this does not work. Now it is time to try something different.

Ask to be shown the world around us as it really IS. This will be a projection from within, for within leads to without. But what a projection it will be! The Self will come out to play, the inner Christ Self. And in this change holds our solution to salvation, the salvation even unto Christ-consciousness, the salvation that has heretofore eluded us.


Dear Father/Mother,

Thank You for cluing me in that what I need is to let the Self emerge from depths inside. I don’t think I know this Self, but it is the truest piece of myself that there is, and so I really do know this Self truly.

Thank You for another good day. I thank You in advance for the good that this day will bring. And I ask to walk a smooth pathway.



4 thoughts on “Trying to Analyze Our Way into Heaven

  1. This post is so appropriate for me and I thank you. I have begun to see the difference between a world of my projections, putting my meaning on everything, and a more spacious, receptive, holding of the IS-ness of everything while “coming to know.” Then I can begin to see what is, not what I project. What a relief! I’m especially doing this today with someone in my life who struggles with addiction. I don’t want to put my projections out there anymore, my judgments, only what the Self sees from the eyes of love. Already I feel I am carrying the situation differently in my heart.

  2. I understand this, yet my in my troubled mind there is always a place where it seeks answers for the days of what seems an eternal hell. in a case like this, sometimes an answer soothes my heart.

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