Embracing the World with Intimacy

“When you are asked questions such as, “How was your day?” respond as much as possible without using the word I or my. Quit referring to people and things in terms of ownership, saying “my boss,” “my husband,” “my car.”

“This removal of the personal “I” is but a first step to returning you to the consciousness of unity, a first step in going beyond meaning as definition to meaning as truth. As odd and impersonal as it will seem at first, I assure you the feeling of impersonality will be replaced quickly with an intimacy with your surroundings that you never felt before.” (ACOL, C:22.21 – 22.22)

Do not all of us want more intimacy in our lives? And if this change of words can bring that to us, ought we not to try it? After all, if we believe that Jesus channeled these words, I think we ought to consider that he knew what he was talking about.

How can we understand this? Leaving out the personal “I” or “my” does seem to remove the possessiveness from our lives. And is not possessiveness one of the things that we feel most strongly about in our special relationships?

Jesus is showing us that we don’t need the specialness, as much as we think that we still do. We have lived with our egoic possessiveness of certain others for so long that we can’t imagine how it would be if our husband or wife were to love others with the same intensity. Of course, we are not talking about physical intimacy here. We are talking about a holy love that holds the other in an embrace that includes the whole world. Can we really dare leave this goal untouched?

The way back to God has to be a way we have not found yet. A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love try in a myriad of ways to address the culture in which we live, the ways in which we interact with our brothers and sisters.

This small experiment in leaving our possessive pronouns just may be a harbinger of things yet to come for us. An embrace of the whole world.

And what more could we ask?

Dear Father,

Help me not to try to “possess” those closest to me. Help me to reach out to my larger world. I trust the techniques that Jesus advises, and I ask that I remember those techniques as I go through my daily rounds.

Be with me every morning, walk with me through the afternoon, and grant me serenity from a day well lived in the evening. You are deep within me, and my Self knows this. Help me to know my Self.


8 Replies to “Embracing the World with Intimacy”

  1. Dear Celia..wonderful posting!…eh…your prayer always starts with dear Father/Mother, yet this time : no Mother? with love and appreciation

  2. Hi Celia, I respect your decision, of course, but I shall miss the reference to Father/Mother…what about this one: “Call me God the Father, call me God the Mother, call me Creator, or Great Spirit, Yahweh or Allah,….(D38.5). It does raise the notion of to whom/what we do direct our prayers, and why. Bless

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