Don’t Make God Over into Our Own Image

“When obsessively in love you may want the other person to be you, but rarely the other way around. This is what has caused you to make God over in your own image and to try to do the same to others. This comes of seeing oneself as an image rather than as a being existing in relationship. This comes from ego rather than from the true Self.” (ACOL, C:23.8)

We can get some inkling of what God is like by realizing what we do with our relationships. We make God over in our image, to great detriment. We also seek to make our special relationships a projection of ourselves; this is really what “want the other person to be you” is saying.

But God is not to be made over in our own image, because our image of ourselves, at least our separated selves, is faulty. When we feel neurotic, we see a neurotic God. And this will never do.

We are in relationship to God, even as we are One with Him. Unity and relationship. We are One, but we could not understand the One without differentiation from the One. That is why unity and relationship are not dualism, but the most splendid good sense. God and we are united in being, and different in relationship. This allows us to experience reality, true reality. Nothing else would suffice.

When we see God in our own image, we are seeing with an egoic mind. And we are quickly leaving the ego behind us. So a new understanding needs to come about. This is that we are a part of God, that we are a part of the All, the One, and that the only thing that is different is the relationship that His differentiated Reality brings about. We don’t often feel this way, for we are not used to thinking in an all-encompassing manner. But we are both differentiated into parts and part of the Whole. And when we are differentiated, we know ourselves best when we love deeply the others in this world, yet still are conscious of the One.

This is the secret of leaving behind a concept of the world as a dualistic creation. God is One with us; we are One with Him. And in this truth, our whole world falls into place.


Dear Father,

May we leave aside controversies that only divide us. Our little minds, even though they are part of You, are too limited to understand full reality. But we can catch glimpses. And I hope to do so today.

Help this day to go well. I ask this everyday, and I mean it everyday. The best that we can do is to turn to You for help when things seem to go awry.

Be with us today as we walk along our new pathway, back to You.


One Reply to “Don’t Make God Over into Our Own Image”

  1. Very nicely written. There is a beautiful Sanskrit word for this Ekatvam, meaning unity or oneness. And it has universal application irrespective of religion, gender, etc. Thanks and best wishes 🙂

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