Union with God Overcomes the Egoic Separation

“All unlearning opportunities are opportunities for miracle readiness. There is no trick to identifying unlearning opportunities. From this point forward, I assure you, all experiences will be thus until unlearning is no longer needed. If you will remember that the one exercise for your mind is dedicating all thought to union, you will keep your mind engaged and less resistant to unlearning. When you feel resistance—and of course your mind will resist unlearning what it has striven to learn—return your dedication to union. Acknowledge your mind’s resistance as a sign that unlearning is going on. Acknowledge it but do not engage it.” (ACOL, C:23.25)

We need to unlearn separation, especially egoic separation, and substitute union with God, our brothers and sisters, and our Self. Jesus makes the point that all things that happen to us in this life are meant to bring us back to God. We are therefore steeped in unlearning experiences. Our life is the way that we best come to know, as ancient secondary sources are not as good for the time of Christ as what life itself presents to us.

How do we cooperate with viewing life as a way to unlearn separation? We turn within, to the Self, and in the doing of this we are achieving the first union, arguably the most important. Our Self, Who is one with the All, has been more or less hidden within ourselves for eons, because we were trapped by the insanity of the ego. A misstep that could not occur in actuality, but that did occur in illusion. So we cooperation with the nudges that come to us by way of intuition and other nuances of guidance. We remain flexible as we go about our daily routine, not rigidly stubborn in wanting our own way.

It helps to be mellow. I am at my worse when I am feeling anxiety rising in me; that is when I get too stubborn for my own good. Stubborness in avoiding the way that guidance is pointing out is only hurting ourselves, though our significant others also feel the brunt of this dynamic if we are in attack and anger mode.

We can do something better with our lives than to remain stubborn. Take a time out, if the day is going badly, and just (as A Course in Miracles counsels) start the day over. It is wiser to have a day that begins well, for then we do not waste time. But we are very human, and very fallible, and perfection is not required of us (from A Course of Love).

Union with God will take us Home to Him. Being mellow and remaining flexible are two techniques that work as we seek to remain malleable creatures in God’s sight. The way is clear: We must heal the illusory separation from God, and adapt union with the One, the All, as our modus operandi. And the world that we see, projected from within, will never be the same again. We will have discovered the secret to living well in this world.


Dear Father/Mother,

As this day filled with sunshine goes along, I find my mood lightened and my demeanor flexible. Mellowness overcomes me. May this attitude continue all through the day and into the evening. May I follow the guidance that has been so gentle with me today. May I follow this guidance, always so gentle when I am not stubborn.

Guide me to a good appreciation for the helps that You give me. May I welcome experiences of union that are life-enhancing and affirmative. May I also welcome glimpses of enlightenment that ever lengthen into something that will eventually become the pattern for me. May all who read my words today feel the same confidence in this change that I personally feel in this instance.


3 Replies to “Union with God Overcomes the Egoic Separation”

  1. I’ve noticed this same thing, focus on Yeshua and be flexible. All the learning and unlearning needed, then becomes much easier.

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