Each Time We Feel a Lack of Love, It Comes from Within Ourselves

“How can love always be present when you can undeniably feel each and every absence of love? The problem is in the perceiver rather than the perceived. Each time you feel a lack of love, it comes from within yourself. This lack of love, or “faked” love of which you cannot help but be aware, is a signal to you that you want something. When you become aware that you want something, you are also becoming aware that you feel you lack something. All feelings of lack are synonymous with feelings of fear.” (ACOL, C:25.5)

This quotation for today is pivotally important as we seek to make our way in the world. Rejection has been a personal theme song for me at various junctures in my life, and it is enormously helpful to know that when rejection seemed to happen, I was perceiving in error. I was not open to receiving love. I had wanted something extraneous to the central point of love. My ego had gotten involved.

Has your ego gotten involved as you thought you wanted something other than pure love? Was there something grandiose in your imaginings? Was there something egoic in the sense of material or status implications? Very likely there was, for that is what Jesus is telling us in this quotation.

When we think that we lack for something, we are in a state of fear. This is, likewise, important to know in regard to this love business, this rejection business. There are no lacks in God’s Kingdom, and His Kingdom is not only the Other Side, but this world—when we have perceived this world differently. We will inhabit this world as the elevated Self of form, the coming together of mind and heart in unity, the coming out of the Self whom we have kept hidden for so very long.

Know that rejection is an illusion. We were not open to the love that others had for us; we rejected internally. Likewise, they shouldn’t have felt rejection from us, for they too had no lack.

This may sound like science fiction, but I believe what Jesus says. And his true words will have us walking into a much more favorable condition in this world. We don’t have to fear the lack of love, for it is truly all around us.

Dear Father/Mother,

Help me to perceive love all around me. Help me to know that the rejection that I have sometimes felt in my life has been a mirage. I would see mirages no longer. Help me to see only love, for that is who You are, and who I am.

Be with all of us as we walk through this day. This day is bright with promise now that we know that rejection records don’t have to be played over and over.

Help us to reach out to others, fearless of rejection—for the problem is in us, the perceivers. May we leave rejection behind, as we have left the ego behind.


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