Being Devoted to Others

“Devotion is synonymous with true service. True service does not look for what another has to give or what another has that you might use. True service recognizes God’s law of giving and receiving, and the practice of devotion is, in effect, the practice of allowing giving and receiving to be one. It is, during the time of tenderness, a true practice that, like vigilance, is a means to a desired end. You must practice recognizing your feelings of lack of love, and realize these feelings come from your inability to receive. Do this practice until it is no longer needed.” (ACOL, C:25.7)

Jesus uses the word “devotion” with a very precise meaning; it is the dedication that we feel to ourselves and others when we are loving ourselves and others. We are “serving” by loving, and this service does not mean subservience at all. Serving another is something that is good, for our way of living in the world—once we have come to know the truth—is to serve and be served, to give and receive. Serving and being served, giving and receiving are one action, for we are one Self. We can, if it helps us, think of the actions as twofold, for the Self of form does make what comes to use from another seem somehow different. But, in actuality, since the Self is always One with another, the action is complementary, an action of the one Self serving the one Self.

When we are not receiving love, we feel unloved. But it is always in our perception that this dichotomy comes about. We tend to reject that which we do not understand, and when we lack love, we have actually rejected that love which is actually around us at all times. Receive and be glad. Recognize that our perception is faulty when we are too blind to see what is all around us.

Dear Father/Mother,

Our devotion to others in our lives is the best way that we can exhibit love, and I want to thank You for the inspiration that came from words like this in A Course of Love. Our devotion means that we care, and we know that You care for us, very deeply—far more deeply than we can even imagine, for we are inhibited in love.

Be with us for a good day, as always I ask this. May we know when to forge ahead and when to rest, when to strive to improve and when to sleep, when to reach toward our goals and when to take a breather. The best means of learning this is from our observation as we go about our day. Help us to make wise decisions in what we do and say.


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