Being in Harmony

“If you believe you and your brothers and sisters are here in a state of reprisal, having fallen from grace, then all action will be out of harmony. If you believe you and all other living things are here in a state of grace, then all action will be in harmony. If you believe one living thing is more important than any other, then all action will be out of harmony. If you believe all are essential, then all action will be in harmony.” (ACOL, C:25.10)

We want to live in harmony in our world. And when we feel that we are separated from God, fallen from grace, we have a hard time—an impossible time—of trying to live in harmony.

We are equal to all others, and when we sense, instead, that we are either inferior or superior, we think in error.

Recognizing that our separation from God has ended (and was never actual in the first place, but an illusion), we can walk a green earth again. We will be in harmony, and this harmony will indeed serve us well. Harmonious living is the easiest thing available to us; it is the only true way of living well.

Why have we believed that we have fallen from grace, that we are living separate from God? Of course, we see bad things in our world, we do bad things in our lives, and we suffer accordingly. We turn our anger inward, leading to depression, and decide that we must have done something terribly wrong. Like children in a divorced family, we blame ourselves; we think that if we had done things right, we wouldn’t be in this fix.

In a sense, we are right. We have made mistakes, but these mistakes Jesus in A Course of Love and A Course in Miracles does not categorize as “sins,” which would seem unforgivable. Instead, we can rectify our mistakes, and we can be forgiven for those that we can’t rectify. Harmony can return to our world. And we can legitimately stop blaming ourselves for every little thing that goes wrong.

Dear Father/Mother,

I would live a harmonious life, believing that rather than being out of grace with You, that I am in grace. This means that I do not have to feel any longer than I need to justify my existence. Living is justification enough.

Be with me throughout this day. Help me to be good company, when I am in company; and may I keep a good attitude always.


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