Adrift No Longer

“This first joining is a choice made from love without regard for the personal self. You begin to live from love when the personal self gets out of the way. And when the personal self gets out of the way in any instance, it is the turning point. It is the signal that you are ready to live from love. This is what this Course is about. Living from love. Living from love is what will reverse the lessons of the past. Reversing the lessons of the past is what will allow you to live in love in every instance.” (ACOL, C:25.16)

The “first joining” that this passage indicates is the joining of the Self with the personal self. Hereafter, the only thing that the personal self will do will be to present a face to the external world. Otherwise, we will live with the inner Christ Self making all of our decisions. And do we need to even say that this will mean living in love?

Living in love is a good goal, an excellent goal. Even if we did not know all that it would bring to us (and it will bring much good), we would still believe that it is the best way to live. Our religion, traditional and otherwise, has taught us this much.

Living in love means that we are joyous, harmonious, at one with our environment, ourselves, others. We are not separate from God either, for the inner Christ Self is the part of God whom we embody. Our lives will smooth out, our predilections become at one with truth. The way becomes clear to us for the first time. We pray, and we receive answers from within. We join our wishes and our hearts with Jesus’s way for us. We are adrift no longer.

Dear Father/Mother,

A blessing this is indeed—to be adrift no longer. If we know that turning inward will give us the answers to how to live, would we not be foolish to fail to turn inward?

Be with me today. Help me to turn inward as I take each step today.


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