We Need to Make Universal Contributions

“You may also notice a growth in your desire to take credit for what you have created, and a desire to create anew. At this stage, this desire will come from a feeling of needing to reassert the self. This need will arise as you realize that you can take no credit for your life. Wanting to take credit is of the ego, and at this stage the desire to create may be linked with ego as well. Your personal self will be looking for a place in which to reside. It will be looking for identity. It will want to say: “This is who I am.” This is an exciting sign, for it means the old identity is losing hold. Be patient during this time, and your new identity will emerge. If the urge to create is strong, certainly let it serve you. But do not seek for praise or acknowledgement of your creations at this time. You will soon realize that creation is not of, or for, the personal self.” (ACOL, C:25.20)

Our creations are not of ourselves, if they are the best kind. We need to tap into the universal, not an individual contribution. Until we tap into the universal, we won’t be creating anew at all; we will be rehashing the old.

Our egos want us to take credit for what we do, for what we create. But the only lasting contribution, Jesus tells us elsewhere, is one that is not an “individual” contribution. The lasting contribution partakes of eternity, not time. The lasting contribution is not of the ego at all, but the bonus accrued from living in love.

We may think that our individuality will be lost unless we put our personal stamp on what we say and do. And to a point, this is true. But our real individuality is the inner Christ Self, who partakes not of the temporal. We see that lasting contributions are what we want to make, and for these we can take no credit. It is the Christ Self acting through us. It is a direct link from God. And it is loving in its entirety.

Our contributions will be many in the new world. But we won’t derive “personal” satisfaction, in an egoic sense, from those contributions. We will recognize that we are tapping into something that is beyond our little minds. Even beyond our hearts. And we will know that we are going to make a lasting contribution when we cease to need to feel personal responsibility for what we say and do. The contribution is a bit beyond us, always. And this is its saving grace. It is also the evidence that we have, at last, moved beyond the ego.

Dear Father/Mother,

Thank you for letting me understand that I can take no credit for anything resembling an “individual” contribution. My viewers of this blog do not want an individual contribution from me; they want me to tap into something that is more universal than that. And I can take no credit for this larger Self, larger than my personal self, who forms the words that I write.

All of us need to know that we must be about achieving contributions through the universal, not the particular. May this truth lodge itself deep within my heart, and may I thank You, always, for leading me beyond the little self to Something larger.


2 Replies to “We Need to Make Universal Contributions”

  1. Thanks Celia. Loved the words: ‘The contribution is a bit beyond us, always. And this is its saving grace. …”. Yes, creation through us, not by us. I like the way that Jesus moves to the language (of unity) in the Dialogues of creator and created, observer and observed, experience and experiencer representing wholeness, similar to the ‘universal’ you mention here.

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