Finding the Warmth of Love from God in Our Heart

“You are a thought of a God. An idea. This thought, or idea, is what you seek. It can be found only at its source. Its source is love, and its location is your own heart.” (ACOL, C:26.21)

A lovely quotation, this is A Course of Love at its best. This is saying that the philosophical school that embraces Idealism is the right and true reality. But we don’t have to be philosophers, or to understand Idealism, to see that we are ideas, or thoughts that have love as our genesis. True, we have wandered far from love, but we are slowly (and sometimes not so slowly) making our way back. Jesus at this point in ACOL is still our teacher, though in the final book, the Dialogues, he resigns as our teacher and becomes simply our companion (among other nouns that give us pause in the wonder of what he says).

We are urged over and over in ACOL to turn to our heart. When we read ACOL, we understand its message so much more, and we are much more heartened, if we listen with our heart. We feel warmed as we read, perhaps in a way that we didn’t in A Course in Miracles. This is not the fault of the beautiful words of ACIM, but a measure of our own progress. And Jesus has also found, in ACOL, a new way to appeal to us: through our heart, a heart that doesn’t require the proofs of ultimate, true, reality as much as the mind. The heart simply knows and trusts.

How do we know that we are loved by a significant other? Do we listen to our mind to tell us? Or do we open up the center of our being, our heart, to receive the proffered love? The heart has its reasons that the reason cannot know, and the reason is lodged in the mind. This old saying has new meaning to us now that we are reading A Course of Love. We know in our depths that the heart is the answer, the answer, that is, if we trust what Jesus is telling us, if we listen with an open heart.

Love freely and well, not in a physical sense necessarily, but with an abundance that the mind can only guess about. Don’t wait for another person to reach out to us; let us reach out and see what happens. There are many hurting people in this world, many troubled hearts, and the extent to which we can pour love over heart wounds is a measure of how healed the world can yet become.

Dear Father/Mother,

We need to recognize that our heart knows about love in a way that our mind does not. And when we turn to our heart, we feel You, because we feel Your warmth. This is the secret that Jesus has uncovered for us: to turn to our heart is to turn to You, and to feel You here for us.

Thank You. I love the warm feeling that I get when I read the beautiful words of A Course of Love. And this warmth makes me ever move closer to You. This warmth lets me know that You love me, and that You love me mightily.


3 Replies to “Finding the Warmth of Love from God in Our Heart”

  1. “.. ‘They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love’ by Jars Of Clay. We are one in the Spirit / We are one in the Lord / We are one in the Spirit / We are….”

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