Higher Meaning in Our Walk through This World

“To be of service to God is not to be a slave to God but to attend to God. To give God your attention and your care. You who would cry, God make use of me, only need to give to God your devotion and your willingness to serve instead of use.” (ACOL, C:29.3)

Jesus, in a nearby passage, declares that our culture does not understand, as did earlier ones (especially medieval times) about being “of service” to God. We think, all too often, that we have outgrown God. And we imagine that if we were of service to Him, we would be slaves in all but the name.

This is patently false! We can serve God through living in love in our world. We can merge with the Self deep within us, the part of us who is God Himself, and in this merger we can finally come to know the next step in our growth as people. A transition to something better. Enlightenment, Christ-consciousness, Awakening, transformation. The words are mean the same.

We need not to focus on the word “use,” for we have “used” many of our brothers and sisters in this world. And God would not have us use Him, though we do gain very practical help in our prayers. We need to lift our sights to something higher, and service is that higher concept.

What is the best pathway that we sense ahead of us? That best pathway is God beckoning to us to make a difference in our world. We do not use others when we take that higher pathway, but we are, by inference, helping God, being of service to Him.

Our days brighten when we realize that God Himself needs us in this world. We have often heard that we are the hands and feet of Jesus in this world. And that old saying is just as true for God.

So: Today, before going out into the world, ask what or who we need to serve. Find a higher meaning in our walk in this world. Find someone or something good to assist.

And we will be walking a better pathway than we have ever trod before.

Dear Father/Mother,

I would use nobody else in my walk through this world. I would, instead, see how I might serve You through my interactions with others. This is not an archaic concept, though many times, perhaps, in our world I don’t understand what serving You will actually effect.

My walk through this world is not at random. I will encounter those whom I can best help, and may my help be non-self-serving.

When I help others, I also help myself—though not in an egoic sense, if I am doing it rightly. All of us are One, and when we pull together, nothing in this world has to seem hard.


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