Life Abundant in Unity

“If God were to speak to you Himself and tell you of what means your service would be to Him, He would but tell you this: My child, return to me. God has no Will apart from yours. Your return to unity is all God seeks for you, for Himself, and for all His children. The return to unity was my accomplishment, and all that is meant by what I have often repeated here: Only you can be accomplished. Your service is but dedication to this goal.” (ACOL, C:29.6)

Is it so strange to realize that God needs us in this world? He needs our service, though not in the sense that we go out and try to convert others to the way of life outlined in A Course of Love. Others would not listen to our proselytizing; they would be turned off by it. When people are ready to listen, they will ask questions.

Our brothers and sisters are our way back home as well. This is a tenet of A Course in Miracles also. We find our way back through the holy relationship that we enjoy with our brother, according to ACIM.

ACOL tells us that we are accomplished, that we have already walked the pathway back. We may find this hard to believe, but accomplishment does not mean that all potential has been exhausted. Our potential will still carry us farther forward, and with the potential will go greater service to God. We are not slaves to him, but beloved children.

What does “unity” mean? It means that we are one with God, separated (even in illusion) no more. Jesus accomplished this in his earthly life, and when he accomplished this, he accomplished it for all. This may well be why he can call us, now, The Accomplished.

Serve God well. Be with Him often in prayer and communion. The way home IS accomplished, because time is an illusion, and when we wish to be in eternity instead, we are there right away.

Jesus walked the pathway home before us. His return to unity accomplished it, once and for all, for us. Because he did it, he knows that we can be in unity with God as well. Separation is no more; life abundant in unity is the new way, the new way that we are creating a new world.

Dear Father/Mother,

We need to see Jesus as a friend who has walked the whole pathway back, accomplishing in time as well as eternity what he did for all of us. Thank You that the original Christ calls us The Accomplished, for when he accomplished his mission, he did it for all of us. Jesus’s love for us will become palpable when we use our imaginations to feel close to him. Thank You that he tells us in both ACIM and ACOL that he is always nearby. I don’t understand how this can be, but there are many things that I can’t understand in this huge, blessed universe of which we are a part.

Be with me today as I seek to walk the pathway that You indicate for me. When I listen to guidance, I cease being frustrated, and the day takes on a luminous quality.


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