Decide for God Today

“The choice to change your belief is before you. Are you not ready to make it?

“As you once chose separation you can now choose unity. Not knowing that unity was a choice prevented you from making this choice before now. Now I tell you clearly, the choice is yours. Choose once again.” (ACOL, C:29.18 – 29.19)

We can make some decisions for ourselves. And the choice for unity is a choice to become one with God again, to heal the separation. “Unity” and “union” are used interchangeably in A Course of Love to suggest that we are truly One with God, that it is only our poor decision eons ago that detoured us into separation. This separation was never real, but we believed it to be, and in the believing it became actual for us.

If we are reunited with God, in our hearts and minds, we will know a joy that has eluded us until now. We need the communion with Him, deep within our prayer life, that we can have. We are bereft when we try to go it alone. And we have tried to go it alone for far too long.

But God makes the decision about enlightenment or Christ-consciousness, when with our whole heart we desire this ultimate salvation. In the meantime, the choice for unity is ours and ours alone, though God informs the decision.

We can choose unity. It behooves us today to do so, in order that our joy might be full.

It is reassuring that we retain some control over our destiny. Often we feel frustrated when told that God Himself decides when we will be enlightened. We think that we know wholehearted desire for this (part of the criteria), but we do not always evaluate correctly.

Yet unity is a thing of our own decision. Indeed, we have always known that we could decide for God at any juncture in our lives. The fact that previously we did not always decide for Him was the intrusion of the ego, which did not mean us well. Decide for God, and love becomes our way. God denies us nothing that is good for us. And we won’t become shadows of ourselves caught in religiosity. Our grandeur will become real as we find the truth that actually resides in true religion, the true reality that we need and actually want above all else.

Dear Father/Mother,

I am eager to express wholehearted desire for enlightenment, but perhaps my will is lacking, at least sometimes. But I can decide for you today, and I can make this stick. I determined when I was a child that I would go Your way. And only have I failed when I let this decision get away from me.

Be with me today. Help me to trust You in all things. You go with me wherever I go, and when I truly hold this thought close to myself, I am completely unafraid. Maybe this is the real secret to leaving fear behind. I would leave fear behind today.


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