Using Our Talents in Service to Others

“How can one’s talent cause another to be less talented? How can one’s service deprive anyone else of the right to serve? No two are alike. Only in God are all the same.” (ACOL, C:29.23)

We are not to be jealous of another’s talents nor service. In God our talents and our service are equal with our brothers and sisters, but not in time—only in God’s eternity. Here some temporarily seem to have more, and some less; this is not an actual fact, because there are always compensations in other talents and in other service. But we cannot see the whole picture, and so we think we see inequity.

If another brother or sister seems more talented, know that this does in no way influence our talent. Or less talented. The cornucopia of gifts from God is always full.

Likewise, our service. We can do more at one time, but later on we will do less. And the difference is inconsequential in eternity.

Let God direct the use of our talents, and let Him direct the choice of our service. We can live well only when we are uniquely ourselves. And when we know that our differences are not important.

Jealousy has no basis outside the judgment of the ego. And we are fast leaving the ego behind. Our evaluations won’t work, won’t get us where we want to go. Only in tolerance of others and in appreciation for their talents and service can we come to embody our own talents and service. This is because we are all One, in God, and in our sharing of each other’s gifts, we walk a pathway that is strewn with flowers. These flowers are our talents and our service, and only in true guidance from the inner Christ Self do these talents and service blossom into magnificent gifts to return to our Creator and our brothers and sisters.

All of us WILL find our way home again. And we will make contributions that are universal in scope when we realize that in every one is the One who embodies the All.

Dear Father/Mother,

I would pray that my talents and my service dovetail today. I would do for others what I would wish done for myself. Giving and receiving are one in truth.

Be with me as I seek to walk through this day creditably. May the blessings that you rain down upon me help me to make a contribution that will be helpful.


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