All Relationship Is Relationship with God Who Is Love

“All relationship is relationship with God Who Is Love.” (ACOL, C:30.10)

God is the All, the One, and this makes the religion of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love a type of pantheism. But not little gods in everything, but the one God Who created the universe(s) out of His Being. He is all that there is. And so when God chose to create Sons and Daughters, and gave them the free will and talent to create as well, He knew that His Sons and Daughters would choose Love also.

But we chose to rebel. We were too eager, too willing to see if there were a reality out there that would be better than what God offers. So separation came about, and then the ego, which was chaotic to our minds (and hearts), and gave us the pain and suffering that life on earth has meant for eons. God remains Love, and so He is not to blame for this state of affairs. We have done it to ourselves.

When we love each other, we are loving the Sons and Daughters of God. And in that sense, all of our relationships are with Love, Which is God personified.

True, we can have special relationships that are mixed with a great deal of hate, but underneath the rancor is a holy relationship waiting to bloom. And in this holy relationship, according to ACIM, we find our way back to Holiness Itself, God Himself.

Dear Father/Mother,

May I take the first step today, in harmony and peace, the first step toward the rest of my life. Sure, I may stumble and fall, but You have shown me the way, and when I follow what I know to be true, I have outstanding days, days that you fill with Your Presence.

Be with me as I seek to carry out the tasks that still are before me. Help me to discern correctly the guidance that is coming from deep within.


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