Our Heart Beats in Union with God

“The source of love and its location is your own heart. Think now of the created form, the body. When the heart stops beating, life is seen to be over. Are you thus your heart? Or can you not see that the created form was made in God’s own image, as was all creation. You are God’s image given form, as is all creation. We, all of us together, are the heartbeat of the world. Without unity we would not be. Without our Source, which is God, we would not be.” (ACOL, C:30.13)

This is one of those heartwarming passages, about the heart, that A Course of Love is so famous for. Read the passage slowly; let it sink in. We are the “heartbeat of the world.” And without unity and without God, we would not be. Of course, this is self-evident, but worthy of listening to again.

Our form is made in God’s own image, as was all of creation. This is an echo of the Bible. And, in ACOL, we learn that we don’t have to think of form, or the body, as bad. This is a mistake that many students of A Course in Miracles may have made, though I think to so decide is a misreading of ACIM. We are not our bodies, because we are spirit, but we HAVE bodies. And it is a particularly insidious form of denial to say otherwise.

When we appeal to our heart, we appeal to the one source that can put us directly on the pathway back to God. As I have said repeatedly in this blog, the heart doesn’t need the “proof” of God’s existence that the mind (and the ego) so often demands. We just know, and we know well, when we listen to our heart. We are warmed by this knowledge as well. We sense the Presence of God, and we relax into that Presence, and we are home free.

We are not our heart, though, although its beating does signal our life. It is the center of our very soul, as present in form. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience, as has been often said. And this physical experience can be very good. We no longer have to regret that we are still on earth, in this world. All too often when we read ACIM, we longed to be free of the body, to be on the Other Side. ACOL counters this misconception with pointing out some very real advantages to having form.

Dear Father/Mother,

Thank You for my form, my physical body. It is your eyes, ears, hands, and feet. We can bring others to salvation when we use this form as a communication device, as ACIM says. We don’t have to lament being in form any longer, if we have ever done so.

Be with me for an energetic, productive day. May I walk Your way, today and always. May I respond when I see a need.


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