Quest for God

“Give up this notion of losing your Self to God, and you will be done for all time with resisting God. Only in God can you find your Self. This is known to you, and is the reason for man’s quest for God throughout all time. Man may think he looks to God for answers, for release from pain, for reward, or for an after-life. But man has always looked to God for his own Self. Not looking to God to find your Self would be akin to searching every¬where but the Earth for humankind. If you do not seek where what you wish to find can be found, you seek in vain.” (ACOL, C:31.10)

God is within us. He is our very life and soul in an actual, literal sense. And by looking within, we find the Self who has been in hiding for eons. This is the Self who was eclipsed by the ego, and the ego was our false identity formed in an attempt to hide God from ourselves. The ego was formed by our belief about ourselves, and it can be given up by changing this belief. Just that simple, and just that complex when our mind tries to tell us what to do, the mind that is in league with the ego.

This is why Jesus has turned to our heart in A Course of Love. Our heart will make us happy, for when we find God through looking to our heart, we find Him once and for all. The release from pain, the reward we seek, the after-life we want—all will fall into place when we give God His proper place within our Self. But this can happen only by our awareness of what we are doing. Our awareness allows us to realize that when we have been avoiding God, looking in all the wrong places, we have been avoiding our very Self. And only by turning once again to the Self, found deep within, can we finally return home, healing the separation and feeling God’s Presence in every moment.

If we look for healing where it is not, we surely will not find it. And to look for healing in the ego is the most absurd of all seeking that we might do. Give up the ego by ceasing to look for reward in the achievements that we think that we reach. These achievements are actually hollow, for nobody on his/her death bed thinks of them. At such a time one simply knows that the only thing of importance in all the world that has just been passed through is the love that we found. That love and nothing more.

Let the Self speak to us today. This will come as a still small Voice, or, sometimes, simply as silence—but the heart will be moved. And nothing will ever be the same. The Self has been waiting to come out and play in a world made new by our choice. This is the tantalizing new situation to which Jesus calls us in A Course of Love.

Dear Father/Mother,

I would let my heart, ruled by my Self, show me the way back to You today. I would seek for You and find You by giving up all allegiance to the ego. This will heal the separation, and when the separation is healed, the whole world will open up into something very grand indeed.

I would listen to my deeper Self today, where You reside. Thank You for giving me this insight in the reading that I have done, particularly in A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love. May the masterful information imparted in those works keep me close to you, now and always.


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