Practice the Presence of God

“For some this dislodging occurs by coming to a better understanding of the mind, for others by coming to a better understanding of the heart, or love. How the ego becomes dislodged matters not. What matters is where you place your devotion.” (ACOL, C:31.12)

We have some control over dislodging the ego, and dislodging the egowas what A Course of Love says was a prime reason for A Course in Miracles. Here, in ACOL, we are told that we may be inclined toward listening to our mind, or listening to our heart; it matters not at this point, just that we listen to the indications that the ego has to go. In other sections of ACOL, we are told repeatedly that the words are aimed at our heart, and that ultimately, we combine mind and heart to form wholeheartedness. Our heart cannot do it all, and to believe so is a misconception. Wholeheartedness is where we are finally headed.

We say so much about the ego, but perhaps we don’t have a full understanding of what the ego entails. The ego is merely a part of our belief about ourselves, a part that has been fractured off from the Presence of God. The ego performs, or tries to perform, autonomously—separate from other functions that we carry out. It seeks to perform without love, for we made it without love, and so love is an unknown part of the world to the ego. Ego, in one of its guises, is egotistical, but ego is more than having pride in what we do, what we try to succeed at. It is a way of living that is constantly being undone, for true egoistic living doesn’t work at all. We drift from elation to depression, and all states in between, when we are in the throes of the ego. We are more or less addicted to drama, not wanting to feel the serene quiet and peace that means that God has gotten into our behavior once again. We put ourselves first when we are living with the ego front and center. We don’t want to consider others in our lives or in this world; often we are so consumed with some pain and suffering, brought on by that ego, that we honestly don’t see how we can take care of anybody else at all.

Our change comes through better understanding, though. And understanding can be both of the mind and of the heart. When we make a decision to place our devotion in those things that are love, we are choosing for God, Who is Love. Nobody on this earth fails to choose for love part of the time, and so an individual who is all-consumed by the ego does not exist. The choice must be to fan the flame of love in each of us, the flame that will consume the ego and allow the light that is love to shine.

This change can come through our understanding, and it is this that saves us. Either our Self or the Holy Spirit informs that understanding. Let’s pray together to reach for love in every situation, and let the mind and heart work together to get right with God. He has always been right with us, but our presumed and illusory separation from Him has derailed us. Let’s remedy this sooner rather than later.

Dear Father/Mother

I would listen to the understanding of my heart and my mind to head toward love in all my interactions. The presence of love harken Your Presence, and with You understanding will blossom immediately, not needing time for this love is in eternity—outside of time.

Be with me today as I seek for Your Presence.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

4 thoughts on “Practice the Presence of God”

  1. This is a beautiful explanation of the need to dislodge the ego in order to abide in God’s love. Thank you!

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