Embrace the Love

“Thus we end this Course with love given and love received in truth. You are the learner here until you realize that you are Love. You then become the teacher of what you are. Your mind and heart join in wholeheartedness in the embrace. You are home, and there you will forever stay.
. . .
“And what of miracles? The last and final miracle has occurred, for what miracles are needed when mind and heart are one and you have returned to the embrace? This is the miracle to end all need of miracles, the only accom¬plishment of the only Son of God. For what your heart has shared with your mind is shared with all minds and what your heart has to share is only Love. Thus has Love returned to Love.” (ACOL, C:32.3 and 32.6)

Jesus ends the first book of A Course of Love with an emphasis on Love. Later on, we will see that we cease to learn in any traditional sense, that learning is behind us now, but with these final moments in the first book, we are still learners.

And what of miracles? These also seem to be behind us now, though synchronicities will still occur that we will be tempted to call miracles. When we have joined mind and heart and are living wholeheartedness, we are living as life has been intended all along. And we are home.

We will not all have reached enlightenment at this juncture, though that is the ultimate intent of A Course of Love. It is something of a mystery still. Why do some reach enlightenment and others still catch only glimpses (for all of us, Jesus tells us in ACOL, catch glimpses)? God makes the decision, and so there are no mistakes, as there are no mistakes in all of creation. If we wonder why we don’t have sustained Christ-consciousness, we would do best to ask our Source, the inner Christ Self Who reflects God Himself. Are we doing anything wrong? Or have we chosen to remain outside the wall?

These are not easy questions to ask, easy answers to receive. Perhaps it is enough that we are miracle-minded, that we live Love as best we know how, that we live in wholehearted fashion as best we know how. We do not have all the answers while we live on earth. And impatience is a barrier, for we will have suppressed anger at our failure to achieve Awakening, and this won’t get us where we want to go.

Live the best that we know. The first book of ACOL has given much guidance. Reread as indicated. We will find our hearts warmed by the encounter that we have with Jesus in the pages of A Course of Love.

And we will move ever closer to Christ-consciousness, in that warmth.

Dear Father/Mother,

I would be patient today, seeking to enjoy the peace that only You can and do give. When my agitation rears its ugly head, teach me to calm down, to relax, to get still. In the stillness I will find You.

Be with me today, on this beautiful day of sunshine. Help me to put aside anger and attack, all judgments, needless planning, and walk into the sunlight with Jesus holding my hand.


2 Replies to “Embrace the Love”

  1. Beautiful. I feel the Second Coming is happening right now, though not in the manner so many expected, but rather in our hearts and expanded personal and collective consciousness. And of course we are each at our own unique vibration in this transformational process.

    I have studied A Course in Miracles since 1980 but hadn’t heard of A Course In Love yet. Thank you so much for sharing this. It’s an honor to meet you, blessings to you and yours.

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