Rules for a New Way of Thinking

“Thus, these are the basic rules of the art of thought: First, to experience what is and to acknowledge what is, both as a fact of your existence as a human being and as a gift of the Creator. Second, to acknowledge the rela¬tionship inherent in the experience, the call for a response, and the nature of all gifts as being given to all.” (ACOL, T1:2.19)

Become familiar with these rules for the art of thought. They need further explanation, and Jesus does try, with a whole treatise written to explain the art of thought.

This concept, the art of thought, is not easy to understand. We can’t begin to understand until we have let loose our egoic thinking, for the art of thought is diametrically opposed to the ego-mind. When we are letting our inner Self hold sway, we will understand more. And when we let miracle-readiness and miracle-willingness come into play, we will learn even more. Prayer, also, is never far from the art of thought.

If confused, return to the treatise itself, and in Chapter 2 of the first treatise, read carefully the example of the sunset. We can see how we would enjoy making a response to a beautiful sunset. And this elemental example will prime us for seeing further examples crying out for the art of thought, examples from our everyday life.

The response that we need to make is one of love, though Jesus does not place the concepts side by side in this treatise. We are definitely acting from love when we are in miracle-readiness, carrying out miracles, and in prayer—three concepts that elsewhere in A Course of Love are identified with the art of thought. This will be enough to set our sights high, high above the egoic mind that has held sway for so long.

We are in relationship one to the other, and we do need genuine responses to one another. When we open ourselves to miracle-minded thought, we are as close to following the art of thought as it is possible to come.

Dear Father/Mother,

I would respond with a full heart to the significant others in my life. I would appreciate them, as I appreciate Jesus’s example of a sunset. I would find good reasons to respond with blessings extended to others. Help me to do so.

Be with me for the remainder of this day, helping me in times of trouble. Your ways are not my ways, but I am learning from You. And Your blessings do grant me a good life. Thank You for this.


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