Choose a Miracle Today–and Be Reassured

“But again I tell you this is no idle request. Whatever is necessary to convince you now is what I will provide. Such is the urgency of the time, the urgency for the return to unity, the urgency of the need to leave fear behind. Can you not, from this one example of your fear of miracles, see the glaring reality of all you still would fear?” (ACOL, T1:3.12)

The fact that Jesus urges our return to unity—the wholeheartedness that is joining with the inner Self—suggests that we have something to do that will effect this return more quickly. I hope that this is so. When we believed, as A Course in Miracles seemed to say, that we were totally dependent on God’s making the decision, we might have felt impotent to do anything concrete that would make a difference. Things are different now, explained differently in A Course of Love. Jesus is unmasking our fears about miracles, letting us know that we are afraid to request a miracle, and in this fear is our whole problem encapsulated.

If we ask for miracles, and open ourselves to them, we will move ever closer to love and away from fear. And this closeness to love is what make the union of mind and heart so real to us, the wholeheartedness and the union with the Self. We cannot effect any change out of fear, for fear is a product of the ego-mind, which, despite its bombastic nature, is actually pretty weak and unable to effect any real change for the ego-mind lives in illusion.

We must ask to be cleared of our fears, of the conditions that have brought the fears about. Jesus in ACIM has said that we cannot ask him to heal us of fear, for to do so would step in the way of cause and effect, a most fundamental law of our minds. But we can ask for help in easing the conditions that have brought the fear about. This he can do. And will do.

Jesus’s urging that we choose a miracle is no idle request. He wants us to be believers in the fullest sense of the term. And when we let him influence our minds and hearts, we are getting ever closer to enlightenment, to Christ-consciousness. This is another way of describing the union with the inner Christ Self. And the union of mind and heart to form wholeheartedness.

Let’s ask for help in the conditions that have brought our fears about, and let us ask today. Then move on to ask for a miracle, in whatever way this is meaningful to us.

We will not be sorry to spend our time in this way. We will find our way home, and this miracle business is the surest and shortest route.

Dear Father/Mother,

I ask for Your help today in choosing a miracle that would ease my fears. I would move toward love in every respect. When I fall from this high point, lift me up. Help me to incorporate love in every part of my life.

Be with all of us today. The miracle will answer many problems. It is the best thing that we have going for us.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

4 thoughts on “Choose a Miracle Today–and Be Reassured”

  1. Thank you SO SO much for this very timely post and the words of encouragement. I’m so glad I decided to follow you because this is a GREAT blog and these were JUST the words I needed to hear at this time.

    Speaking of miracles; if it’s not too much to ask can you PLEASE share this IndieGoGo campaign for my mom? She was just diagnosed with third stage colon cancer and as a single mother it’s very difficult for her during this time with so many financial difficulties. Even if you can’t contribute personally, please just share it wherever you can; please! Thank you!

  2. I have found that when you believe and have great faith, you can overcome many obstacles in your way. That many everyday miracles occur in your life. Thanks for sharing. A COURSE IN MIRACLES is one of my favorite books!

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