See Miracles in Everything

“By asking you to request a miracle, I am honoring who you are and inviting you into the state of mind that is miracle-readiness. The art of thought is the expression of that state. The art of thought is the miracle.

“Thus we must dispel, along with the illusion of fear, the illusion of spec¬ificity. You have not been asked to request a specific miracle. Although your thoughts have naturally gone to consideration of the specific, this is but an indication that you are still in the habit of thinking you learned under the instruction of the ego-mind. This Treatise must change that habit in order for all your thoughts to become the miracles that express the truth of who you are. This Treatise will put your instruction fully under my guidance and allow you to disregard the instruction of the ego-mind.” (ACOL, T1:4.1 – 4.2)

Here, once again, Jesus is speaking of himself, saying that this first Treatise on the art of thought will put our instruction fully under his guidance and allow us to disregard the instruction of the ego-mind. His guidance will move us to miracle-readiness as well as miracles themselves through the continual use of the art of thought. Thus we can see that he was not trying to mislead us when he said, a few sections back, that he wanted us to choose a miracle. He didn’t mean something specific, but something all-embracing—miracle readiness in all of our thoughts, all thoughts being the art of thought that welcomes miracles as a fact of life.

We can get used to miracle-minded thinking. We can know that all of our needs are being met continually. We don’t have to look to specific miracles, but to the abstract notion of miracles and our own miracle-readiness that welcomes that abstraction. The real mind is an abstract mind, something that is made clear in the earlier A Course in Miracles. Our thoughts were encouraged there to partake of the abstract rather than the specific, because specificity is of the ego. Complete abstraction is the natural state of the freed mind. And in this movement, we see how A Course of Love develops further the thoughts begun to be imparted in A Course in Miracles.

How do we develop an abstract mind that sees miracles in everything? This is not as strange as it may sound. We can easily see that everything is a miracle, or that nothing is; this is a well-recognized tenet of traditional religion. And in ACOL, we are encouraged to see that everything is a miracle.

This concept will develop flow in us. As we follow guidance throughout our day, we will develop flow. And in so doing, we will make miracles a staple of our living here on earth. We will be miracle-ready, and in gratitude we will realize that for this change, we gave up nothing. We just moved, quietly and peacefully, into miracle-minded living. And nothing will ever be the same again. We will move into a heaven on earth, suffering gone and bright skies above us. We will be home at last.

Dear Father/Mother,

I would follow the guidance that will give me flow, and in that flow I will exude miracle-readiness. This miracle-readiness will allow me to have a mind that sees miracles in everything. The whole world will take on a magical aspect, but a magic that is good, used in a different way from the old magical thinking that was irrational.

This is the most supreme good sense. Thank You for Jesus’s seductive way of speaking, a way that draws us in and reconditions our minds by leading us to our hearts. I would be grateful today for all that You have led me through in this lifetime, even the painful parts. I know that suffering can be behind me now as I reach toward the union of mind and heart, and the union with my Self, found deep within my core, where You are.

Help me to be grateful in a way that I have not been previously. Gratitude unlocks so many doors, and I would unlock the center of my Self, my heart, as I reach inward to You today.


One Reply to “See Miracles in Everything”

  1. Thank you for this important work that you are doing. It was a miracle to receive these emails in the divine timing that they are being received. I am grateful. 🙂

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