God Talks through Revelation

“Revelation is a proper description of the mode by which the art of thought teaches and helps you learns. It is not through study, effort, or re-interpretation but through revelation.

“Revelation is direct communication with God in the sense that it is direct communication from a Self you have known not, the Self that is one with the Creator.” (ACOL, T1:4.23 – 4.24)

Perhaps most of us have not believed that revelation from God would happen to us very often, if at all. We imagine that we are not “good” enough.

But goodness is not the criteria. Once we have reached this far in A Course of Love, we are ready, for we are opening ourselves to the Self, deep within, who is at one with the Creator, God. We will know by revelation now. And we won’t learn what we know by analysis. Jesus says not by “study, effort, or re-interpretation.” We will know in an immediate sense, a knowing that comes from within and carries a certainty that our previous understanding has lacked.

What a blessing this is! We will actually know things, not perceive them. And this knowing carries its own assurance that we are on the right track. Part intuition, part immediate certainty, this knowing is all-encompassing of our immediate situation. We recognize, though sometimes we will not be able to act immediately. And the extent to which we cannot act on what we know if in all likelihood the extent to which the egoic mind still holds sway.

We don’t want the egoic mind to hold sway, of course. And how do we stop something so deeply embedded in us? We search for peace of mind and heart, knowing that we are definitely asking in God’s Will. When we have read this far, we have been willing to give up the egoic mind, and it is only our cooperation that has kept it in place. Now, without our cooperation, it will fade away, for we will gently turn from it to something much better—revelation brought about by wholeheartedness, the fusion of mind and heart that is a major theme of A Course of Love.

Let us ask for revelation today. Revelation can show us Christ-consciousness, first in glimpses, and then more and more as a part of our everyday life. Then will come that glorious moment when we know that we have crossed the bridge into Awakening.

And nothing will ever be the same again. Nothing the same, everything much better.

Dear Father/Mother,

Be with me today as I seek to go peacefully about my world. I have some appointments, some busyness that will call to me today. But you will go with me. And so nothing that seems to happen to me in this world has to be seen as real—except the love that I will encounter.

And I ask to see that love today.

Thank You.


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