Choose Love and Leave Suffering Behind

“While I came to reveal the choice of Love to you, the choice that you each must make to end such suffering, the illusion of suffering has continued and in its continuation made the choice of Love seem all but impossible. If not for the suffering that you see all around you, the choice for Love would have been made. If the choice for Love had been made, the suffering you see around you would be no more. This is the paradox.” (ACOL, T1:5.3)

Jesus is here saying that it is not simple to choose Love, though choosing Love would eradicate suffering. Why are we so stubborn about this? Why don’t we just—choose Love?

We don’t know how. The words are so familiar to us that they have all too often lost their meaning. Perhaps if we focus on the reality of what we need to experience, we will be able to leave suffering behind.

Our reality is the God-Self Who is deep within, eager to emerge. When this Self emerges, we will have beaten down suffering, once and for all. Pain may still occur in a physical environment where pinpricks hurt, but the emotional investment in pain will be gone. And with it, the suffering.

If we can just believe this, we will be home free. The paradox needs to be held in mind. Without the suffering, the Love is there; when the Love is there, the suffering is long gone.

Our fears make for a lot of the emotional investment in suffering. And fears are doubts about ourselves. When we have confidence in ourselves, we will be above the fray. We will have found a way to be happy in this world. Self-confidence is the great protector of emotions. And others are drawn to our self-confidence, especially and only if it is not egoic in nature.

Jesus says that the basis of fear is self-doubt. And surely we can pray that this self-doubt be removed from us. When the Self emerges, self-doubt is gone. And we are now in the process of letting the Self emerge in all its non-egoic majesty. Self-confidence will blossom, fears will leave us because our doubts have left us. The way seems bright indeed.

Dear Father/Mother,

I would invite self-confidence today. I know that the opposite of self-doubt is self-confidence, and self-doubt brings on fear—a fear that I would leave behind. Be with me today as I rest in Your peace. You are here for me, always and forever. You know my needs before I become aware of them. And I ask that these needs be answered immediately. The solution is always with the problem. And problems are a form of need.

Be with me as I walk through this day. Be with me as I seek to experience You in all your glory. May my self-doubt end, and with that ending may fears vanish into the mists from which they came. I would leave any and all suffering behind in the dust. I would choose Love today.


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