“Thus prayer must be redefined as the act of consciously choosing union. With this definition, you can see how your life can become a prayer. This does not negate the fact that a prayer is also a constant dialogue of asking, being answered, and responding. This is the aspect of prayer that makes of it an act of creation.” (ACOL, T1:6.3)

Prayer is one of the most, if not the most, solver of problems in our difficult world. When we reach deep within ourselves, to the God within, we see the solution that is always right there with the problem. It takes “getting tiny” to effect change in prayer. We have to realize that it is the Self in union with God Who can answer our needs. When we try to “get bigger” than our difficulties, and forge ahead, we virtually always get into more trouble.

So: How might life become a prayer? We ask in the depths for a solution to our worries. We are answered, immediately, but sometimes our conscious mind can’t hear the answer right away. God responds, our deeper Self responds. And it is because the deeper Self is God Himself, Who loves us, we walk a green earth again.

We are in union with the divine. When we forget that connection, we make mistakes. And from these mistakes, we need to emerge on the other side with feelings of forgiveness and feelings of love. The two go together, for until we forgive ourselves for our mistakes, we cannot understand what prompted the ill will, and we don’t love fully—for we have been hurt.

Life seems a bundle of neuroses until we decide to give up those neuroses to the One Who can heal us. And heal us He does, and immediately, though we don’t feel anything for a while. We are still nursing our wounds, and this leads to an ennui, a weakness, that paralyzes us. This won’t do. We deserve better than this, and God gives it to us, in the solution of problems brought to Him for the mending.

Prayer works. Often it is the only thing that does, for we can try distractions in the world, but they soon fail us. God, the deep Self, will mellow us out, give us a new lease on life. And in this new lease, our sorrows dissipate. We indeed walk a green earth again.

Dear Father/Mother,

Prayer works. And I pray to You today to heal my hurt and angry feelings. I know that I set a poor example when I am hurt and angry. So I would recognize my union with You, and I would gently try again.

Be with all of us today. We all do need You. I need You very much. And life improves when I an conscious of my union with You.

Thank You for the conscious contact.


4 Replies to “Prayer”

  1. Yes, Celia. A totally emphatic YES – and very much appreciated!

    In love, peace, and truth,



  2. Prayer can also be considered an act of offering. When I don’t have control, or influence, but the outcome still impacts me – I give it over to God. Do this with trust and faith…be OK with whatever outcome knowing it is with God. That is prayer to me. ❤

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