We Have a Direct Pipeline to Our God Within

“This new attitude, then, includes accepting that you have needs. That you are a being who exists in relationship is the same as saying you are a being who needs relationship. The only thing that keeps you, in this new pattern, from being needy and dependent in an unhealthy way, is that you believe in giving and receiving as one. You believe, in other words, that your needs will be provided for, thus ceasing to be needs. To deny that you are a being with needs is not the aim of this Course. To come to believe that your needs are provided for by a Creator and a creation that includes all “others” is to believe in giving and receiving being one in truth.” (ACOL, T2:7.14)

When we reach out to others, they return the favor. This is giving and receiving as one. While not every individual singled out by us will return the favor, others will give when we have not reached out to them. It all evens out in the end. Giving and receiving, within the relationships that we form, is true because we are all one, meant to be one, meant to have a two-way street.

Our needs are met. Our desires are not always met, but real need does find a solution. And when we are in relationship one to the other, we see that our needs are met. As A Course in Miracles says, the solution is always with the problem. And a need is a problem that finds solution as soon as the need is recognized as a problem.

We don’t have to be hermits. Most of us don’t live in a solitary fashion, and the more we learn that interdependence is the way it is meant to be, the better we will feel. Of course, our relationship to our Self, the God within, is always part of the solution. When we commune with this innermost nature, we find solutions, and usually right away, without waiting. We can be glad that we have a direct pipeline to God Himself, that is not some distant Creator Who created us, and then left us to fend for ourselves. No, He is right here, within us, living our lives from within. We are His way to experience true reality, and when we dally in illusion, we do God Himself a disservice.

Give God a good day today. Let His blessings flow over us to remove all problems. Finding solutions is child’s play to the Self. The Self, we can judge, even enjoys untangling our difficulties. And with our faith in the efficacy of turning inward for solutions, we will walk a better pathway. Our world will be paved in green grass, deep and smooth, a way to walk that has no stones in our way.


I thank You for the knowledge, the revelation, that You reside deep within me. I am a part of You, and this humbles me and exalts me at the same time. But not in an egoic way. The way home to You is mapped out with precision, and I would do well to follow that map. Help me to do so, willingly, today.

I am meant to depend upon my brothers and sisters, as they are meant to depend on me. I am not meant to try, in vain, to go it alone. The way back is paved with interdependence. And my way back home becomes clearer every day. Thank You.



Offer Love / Live in Inner Peace

“This is the most difficult belief of all to integrate into the living of your life. Each time another thwarts you, you will be tempted to believe that giving and receiving as one is not taking place. Your previous pattern of behavior will be quick to assert itself and you will feel resentment and claim that the situation is unfair. You will be tempted to withhold as others withhold from you.

“Is it not clear how important it is to living in peace that this pattern be broken? Will you live in peace only until some “other” breaks your peace? Only until some circumstance beyond your control brings an unexpected conflict your way?” (ACOL, T2:7.7 – 7.8)

The “most difficult belief” to integrate is the belief that giving and receiving are one. When other people ruin our day (or so we think), how are we to reconcile giving love to them? How can we believe that giving and receiving are the same thing, especially when we have sought to give love?

We need to find peace in a difficult world. Not everyone will give us their best on every day, and we ourselves will fall short also. But we need to realize that our peace, our inner peace, is pivotal to a change in the world. As we project, we see. As we give, we do ultimately receive in kind, maybe not immediately, but eventually. We need to reconsider our hurt feelings when they lead to resentment and even hostility toward a brother or sister. All of us, we must remember, are doing the best we can, giving our current understanding. And nobody blames himself/herself for falling short unless the conscience is especially sensitive. Many people think that there are always mitigating circumstances that let them off the hook, regardless of how retaliatory they might be.

We do need inner peace above all things except love itself. And love will always lead, eventually, to this desired peace. We need to drop resentments as just a bad idea left over from our days of living with the ego. We need not to be retaliatory when another doesn’t treat us as we think we deserve. If we retaliate, we surely won’t find peace; we won’t give peace, and we won’t receive it. We will, instead, foster hostility and anger, two emotions that rue our days.

Giving and receiving in this world involves physical form, and so we see them as separate actions: one of us to give, one of us to receive. Within our Self, giving and receiving is simultaneous with living, because there is one entity involved. We are thus better able to live peaceably all the time when we are secure within our Self. Our brothers and sisters need us, though, and perhaps they need us especially when they do not return any love, once we have proffered it.

Forgive, and then we will come to understand. To forgive all is to understand all. These truisms merit review now. Our understanding will only come when we have offered love to our struggling brothers and sisters. And then, in this offer, our own peace will be assured.


I need to be especially solicitous of my brothers and sisters who want something from me. I can always give what is wanted, but I can give where I am led to give. If attack finds a home in my psyche, I won’t be peaceful. I will give rancor, and then I will receive rancor in return; this is giving and receiving as one. So, if I am to have inner peace, I need to proffer peace to another. This is the way the world works. This is the way of true reality.

I thank You for the guidance that I have received today about intuitive hints that are meant to influence my day. I realize that the inner Self is the author of such guidance, and this is my part of You, Yourself. I thank You for guiding my understanding, to let me feel that I am not being coerced by an outside force when I sense nudges. Thank You for the insight that You give to me today. Thank You for the insight that You give to my brothers and sisters, who are One with me.


Love All who Share This World with Us

“First let us replace your idea of “others” with the idea of “relationship” that has been so often defined and repeated within this Course. In order to believe in giving and receiving as one, you must believe in relationship rather than in others.

“Those you would view as others are separate from you. Those you would view as being in relationship with you are not separate from you. The relationship is the source of your unity.” (ACOL, T2:7.4 – 7.5)

We tend to misrepresent our brothers and sisters when we distance ourselves from them by calling them the “others.” This is a habit in speech, but it points to a deeper problem. We are in relationship to our brothers and sisters, and in this relationship we are giving and receiving as one. We occupy separate bodies, but our spirits are united. And this relationship will take us far in this world.

We are One, but this One is differentiated into separate parts, a diversity. Yet each part of the diversity is in relationship with every other part, and this makes the diversity a whole, a One. This is the “unity and relationship” that Jesus discusses at great length in A Course of Love. We are meant to be in relationship, something that our ego never understood. The ego wanted to use our brothers and sisters for its own ends, in a competitive world where everyone was trying to outdo everyone else. This is sheer insanity. We are meant to be interdependent, not independent. And the ego never could wrap its deluded thinking around the concept of interdependence. We are in a world with other people, our brothers and sisters, because we need each other. It is just the way that true reality is set up. Becoming independent and autonomous sounds like strength, but it is not true strength. It is a caustic, false reality of those who don’t love enough. We make enemies of each other, saving our love for a special few. And these special few, in special relationships, may disappoint us, and then we have estrangement. This is not true love. This is not holy relationship.

Holy relationship is a great blessing that puts our world in proper relationship with the All who live with us on its dusty ground. If we eschew special relationships, being encouraged to love all who abide here with a holy love, we will be in holy relationship with everyone. And this is the way true reality really is. Our minds and hearts will unite with all in relationship to us. We will know that we are never alone, that not only is God deep within us, but that all others who share this world with us are our brothers and sisters with whom we are meant to be in holy relationship.

Life will smooth out when these truths from A Course of Love are taken unto ourselves. Knowledge will arrive, and egoic perception will slip aside. We will know without a tedious telling. We will know intuitively.


I can never share too much with my brothers and sisters with whom I live in holy relationship. I do best when we take my place in the world, never isolating myself in the interest of any activity, but joining with my brothers and sisters who so need me. This line of thought is true for all of us. All of us do well to join together, ever solicitous of good camaraderie and good fellowship.

Let me live this day as would best serve the world. If I am temporarily alone, let me know that this decision is not for all time, but just for the moment, maybe the day. I seek to take my place with those with whom I am in holy relationship, and this includes all I encounter, in whatever way, in whatever means.


Let Our Heart Be Warmed by God’s Love

“Thus does mind and heart join in unity in the present, in the here and now, so that you exist—even within form—as the only Son of God, the Christ, the word made flesh. Remember that the phrase, the Son of God, and the name Christ, but represent the original creation and are not to be mistaken for heavenly deities separate from you. The Christ is your Self as you were created and remain. The Christ is the accomplished Self.” (ACOL, T2:6.10)

Much of importance is packed into these few sentences in today’s passage. Basically, we were created as a Self, as a Son of God (also a Daughter), and this entity is as we were meant to be, recognizing that God is within, we are one with Him, and we are an accomplished Self. This Self is Christ, as we were all originally created. We could not call ourselves Christ until we worked with God to heal the illusory separation from Him. We had become little egos who were afraid of our Deity, of our Father, and we suffered accordingly from a creation run amuck.

God gave us free will, and we used this free will to make a world that is diametrically opposed to what He would wish for us. We are now finding our way, one by one, back to God, and when we reach critical mass, we will all begin creating the new, a new world that is a fit place to house the Son and Daughter of God.

We are within form in this world, and form is not lamented in A Course of Love. It is perhaps a misreading of A Course in Miracles to think that the illusory form was bad, that we ought to wait for an afterlife to reach a full union with God. ACIM actually never says this, but in stressing that the world does not exist, that it is illusion, those of us who read and took ACIM seriously began to question whether or not we could be justified in finding pleasure in physical form. Because most of us were still trapped by the ego, we saw things in black and white, and physical form, being illusion, seemed to be bad, something best overcome by emphasizing on the ethereal. But A Course of Love speaks more precisely to this dilemma that was largely self-made by us. It tells us that physical form is good, that we can embody the Christ in our physical forms, and that we have nothing to fear from the physical.

We will embody the Christ when we have been moved by our heart to unite with the mind, and therein to have reached wholeheartedness. A heart could not do this alone; neither, a mind. We need the intellect as well as feelings to function in this world in a self-affirming way. And when we have let our heart be warmed by God’s love, we will have taken immeasurably large steps toward Christ-consciousness. We don’t fear and we don’t judge when our hearts are warmed by God. We are living in peace, and we are on the cusp of creating a new world, a world that we will know by knowledge rather than perception. We will not have to “believe” in God, but, like Carl Jung, we will know.

And this knowing will make all the difference.


I misstep when I let anxieties take me over. When my heart is warmed by Your love, all is well—just fine. I walk a green earth again when I have listened to Your advice, advice that comes to me from deep within my heart.

May this be a good day, a day in which I rue nothing. May the joys of living in physical form on this earth, in this world, be enjoyed by me today. I would not give up form for the ethereal. Form has much to recommend it.


Mystical Insight Will Take Us Home

“It is your belief that change and growth are indicative of all that can be accomplished rather than of what is already accomplished that needs adjustment now. As a tree exists fully accomplished within its seed and yet grows and changes, you exist fully accomplished within the seed that is the Christ in you even while you continue to grow and change. Physical form and action of all kinds are but expressions of what already exist within the seed of the already accomplished.” (ACOL, T2:6.8)

James Hillman, a mentor for the well-known Thomas Moore, has said similar things. The seed that we are, deep within, contains all that we will become. Thus, the whole is contained in the kernel that we are. We are the acorn that contains the oak tree. We are, therefore, already accomplished; we don’t have to wait to fulfill elaborate criteria.

Can we accept that we are already accomplished? Not always, of course. Our egoic inferiority complex still rears its ugly head. But if we simply entertain the possibility that Jesus is right, that our kernel (the Self) is already accomplished, we will be in a position to say and do much more in our world. We will be ready to create the new—and that is something that Jesus wants very much for us to do.

This Self is, of course, the Christ who is within us. This is the seed that is already accomplished. When seen in this light, the statements are more believable, because we don’t really expect to fully understand the Christ-Self. We can, however, intuit in a mystical sense, and that is something we ought to give some prayerful consideration to.

There is much in A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love that can only be understood mystically. And mystics have long been suspect in our culture. Too way-out, many believe. Yet there are many things in this world that our scientists cannot explain, and the psychic is one of them. Mystical experiences are, in part, psychic, though that is not the whole of it. We can more easily accept psychic phenomena, because it seems to be “of this world.” The mystic seems to be of another world altogether, and perhaps a bit beyond us. But is mysticism really beyond us?

I think not. If we have read this far, we know that we have a spiritual track to run. We are attempting to expand our souls by coming into greater spiritual knowledge—and it is knowledge, not perception. We have made greater progress, according to Jesus in ACOL, than we can acknowledge. Our recent dedication to egoic thought has blinded us to the real Christ-Self. And we are also blinded to the assertion, made repeatedly, that we are already The Accomplished. This would indeed be a dangerous philosophy if we were still drawn by the ego, for this assertion would allow the ego to glorify itself. But we have moved beyond this in our time with A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love.

We are ready even for mysticism. Let’s embrace the unseen with at least as much enthusiasm as our previous ego did the scientific.


Help me to keep my feet on the ground, even as I entertain the possibility of the mystical in my life. I would follow You into the mystical. The mystical is not something to push aside; it holds the germ of al that we need to know. Mystical understanding is full understanding. And, as The Accomplished, we need to realize that the seed that is within us is ready for greater knowledge.

I would follow You today into a better tomorrow. I would be joyous in my living, contented with daily routines, not chafing against rituals that I perform every day. The routine can be satisfying, if I don’t chafe against it. Be with me as I seek to see You in my daily life.


Thrill of Following Our Heart

“The source of what we have been speaking of as “calling” is your heart. It is what alerts you to the treasures that lie within. There is no time in the place we are calling within and your heart knows not of time even while it adheres to the rules of time you would place upon yourself. Cease adhering to the rules of time and see how much more the language of your heart becomes known to you.” (ACOL, T2:6.1)

Is Jesus asking us to remove our watches? Probably not, though as an experiment, this might be a worthwhile thing to do. It would jog out tendencies to pay such close attention to time. Paying close attention to time may keep us from listening to the thrill of non-linear time, the thrill of following one’s heart and knowing intuitively about what time it really is. We need to listen to our heart now more than ever, as we are embarked on a new plan to hurry Christ-consciousness to ourselves. We are getting new revelations through A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, and these new revelations will lead us to create a new world. What greater aim might we have—for all of us know that the world we see now is severely flawed?

The heart does not have a place in our bodies, for we are not speaking of the heart that is the pump for our life’s blood. We are speaking of the center of the Self, the heart that will guide us, through callings, to the next right step in our pathway home. And there are treasures within, in a place that is no place. We are a hologram, everywhere in the universe simultaneously. Yet our minds are finite, and we cannot see this for ourselves. The treasures that are within us will guide us truly to see a much larger place than we have ever viewed before.

If taking off our watch could help, might we all not try it? This is a very simplistic way of interpreting what Jesus has said. But, if we can, we just might try it. What do we have to lose? We need to use every trick in the book to enlarge our understanding and comprehension of the heart that will guide us in the present and future.

I, for one, am at least turning my watch around this afternoon.


Time can be a millstone around our necks. And I don’t want that, for I want to enjoy You, my brothers and sisters, and this beautiful world—and I want to enjoy the Self within, newly discovered. Help me let loose from my “should’s” and “ought’s” and give You Your place in my world. You do not make demands on me; You simply, as my Christ-Self, give nudges of what to do and say. This eases my mind, for I am not under any pressures when You are in the driver’s seat.

What a difference it makes not to be under any pressure to produce! This pressure to produce was always egoic in nature, and I am seeking to leave the ego behind in the dust. Thank You for the saneness of the world You present to me to see—our world, lovely and fully acceptable, once I have helped to create this world anew.

Thank You for leading me to be happy.


Living with Nudges of What to Do

“These last two calls, the call that appears in the form of a sign and the call that comes in the form of a demand, are about specifics in a way that the call that comes as an announcement is not. They represent the remnants of learning from the past, the final breaking of old patterns. They may seem to signal difficult times, but they are times that must be gotten through and lessons that need to be allowed to pass through you.” (ACOL, T2:5.6)

Here Jesus acknowledges to us that we may have some pain in our present and future; he says “difficult times” that “must be gotten through” and “lessons that need to be allowed to pass through you.” But he doesn’t say “suffering”!! This is important. And the acknowledgment here on Jesus’s part is somewhat at odds with the encouragement we got from A Course in Miracles when he said, “You do not have to learn through pain!” In this earlier writing, Jesus is saying that learning through rewards is more lasting than learning through pain. And, of course, he is right. But that doesn’t mean that there will never be any more pain. We are human, after all, and the directions that life takes us can seem at times to be very convoluted.

Calls will take us over the hurdle of the past, the past with all its imaginary egoic challenges. How are we ever to get through life creditably without guidance? How will we really do that? The answer, of course, is that we won’t get through life very well if we don’t listen to guidance. And Jesus is here outlining for us the way in which guidance will come to us, through calls. These calls can be very subtle. And it takes our keenest eye and ear to see and hear them. We are, also, still able to tangle ourselves up—seeing everything as a sign, for example. We can come to some very false conclusions. How do we protect ourselves?

My answer is prayer, a prayer that is the art of thought to which Jesus devotes an entire treatise. In miracle-mindedness, we live in grace always. We walk surely. We know, even when we can’t prove that we know. How many of us have believed something that nobody else thought was true? And were we right? Of course, we may not know for sure, even after years. But if the belief lingers, perhaps we are onto something after all. Revelation is intensely personal, and it cannot be meaningfully shared with anybody else. Nobody else could get inside our brains and see what we saw. And it is the same with all types of calls, and calls, we are seeing, is how guidance comes to us.

Be attuned to your calls today. They may come, at first, as simple nudges to do or say something. Test it out. Don’t put yourself or others in danger, of course, for this would be a false reading of what is coming to us. Genuine calls don’t hurt anybody. And genuine calls ask for the discernment of our heart.

Try it today. What have we got to lose?


I do listen to my guidance, especially in the forms of nudges or nightmares. I may not consciously feel that someone or something needs to be avoided, but if my subconscious, which is the Self in me, thinks there is a problem, there is. So I listen, even though I may seem inscrutable to my friends and family.

Thank You for these ways of knowing. Thank You that I have the foresight to heed warnings. There is always more than I consciously know, but the Self has access to things that my personal self does not.

Be with me today as I settle down and heed nudges.