How to Invite Peak Experiences

“Let us separate experiences you might call peak experiences from expe¬riences of extremes that served as learning devices. Peak experiences often follow occasions of happiness or trauma, but they do not happen within them. Peak experiences are what you can look forward to rather than back upon if you but choose the Peace of God.” (ACOL, T1:10.11)

Yes! This is the passage that presents us with Maslow’s concept of peak experiences—experiences that we can have without the extremes to which we have habitually contended ourselves. The “happiness” that Jesus mentions is the “high” of egoic attachment, and the “trauma” is the low. But we didn’t have, Jesus tells us, peak experiences at the point of those dramatic interludes! We probably thought, previously, that the highs and the lows were necessary for the peak experiences. But not so. And we would be well to realize that an even keel is the best practice possible to lead us to truly great experiences, the truly great experiences that we call “peak.”

When we live in a Zen-like composure, we invite peace and calm all day long. And we have better days, without fail. We only need to test this out to know that this is truly the way that things are set up to be. Our world is meant to be lived in with Christ-consciousness, not with separation from God nor with the ego that that mistake brought about. We are right now on the cusp of the next stage in spiritual evolution, when more and more of the world’s people will experience an Awakening. This can’t be rushed, but it can be prepared for—by removing the barriers to this gift. And an addiction to dramatic highs and lows keep us lost in the egoic separation.

We can do better than this, and we shall. It is just a matter of time before all individuals see the benefit of changing our ways and choosing God’s Way as the best and only sane solution to our problems.

May many of us reach that conclusion today, perhaps in a peak experience that lets us know without any tangible proof that God’s Way is superior to all egoic notions of happiness.


I felt a mellowness steel over me as I decided to go ahead and post this blog. It is just as I was writing above, a post written several days ago and saved for later posting. I do invite a peak experience when I am mellow, turning aside from the drama of highs and lows in experience. Thank You for teaching me this in such a non-threatening way.

May I continue in this mellowness to a genuinely calm and tranquil peak experience this afternoon. This will be my proof that this particular passage in Jesus’s writing truly works.

I ask for Your help.


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