Miracle-Mindedness Thinks without Form

“Thinking without form is a harbinger of unity. Form is a product of the separation. Thought “forms” are the product of the separation. Unity is not a place or a thing but the realm of the one heart and one mind; the realm of the formless and timeless. But also the realm of connectedness, of what binds all that lives in creation with the Creator.” (ACOL, T2:1.10)

We have moved into the second Treatise now, the Treatise on Unity. We will learn later on that form is not regretted in A Course of Love; indeed, the elevated Self of form is what will move us every forward in the time of Christ. But we need to learn how to think without thoughts of form—think of the talent of a pianist but not of the instrument, the piano. This is what imagination will do for us. This is what love will do for us.

We have heretofore not utilized the art of thought to any great degree. But here Jesus is putting this new art of thought into action. It is miracle-mindedness that presses a pianist to learn with joy the pleasures of piano-playing. It is love in action. It seems like a miracle, when we think of it, for fingers move rapidly and without much conscious direction. Indeed, when a pianist stops to think of what he/she needs to play, she falters. The same with an athlete trying to aim a basketball at a net. The conscious mind thinks “form,” and then we are lost.

When we use the miracle-minded thinking to which we will soon become accustomed, we are in wholeheartedness, the unity of mind and heart. We have accessed the Self, for we are in union with It, and therefore in union with God, Who dwells within. Our very souls are accessed in this way, though the soul is not limited to the earthly realm. (That is why Jesus rarely uses the word “soul” in either A Course in Miracles or A Course of Love.)

Connectedness will soothe us as nothing else can, for we will soon realize that we are safe in the arms of the Great Creator. When our connection to God is made solid, all else falls into place. Our fear drops away, first. Then, when we cease to try to make decisions for other people, our judgments of them drop away. And then we are getting close to our Source and our goal of Awakening. We need the safety of God’s Arms to make progress in this world. Without Him, we would be too fearful to reach out to a new and better day. And without Him, we would be too judgmental to be at peace.

The way is now plain. Connect to God, let His mercies surround us and dwell in our hearts, and all will be well.


My imagination needs to take over now. It is the imagination that thinks without form. Miracle-minded imagination heals. And I would ask for healing today.

Be with me as I seek to walk quietly and peacefully through my day. I would walk gently, in serenity. Help me to have forbearance if others don’t choose today to walk as I have.


2 Replies to “Miracle-Mindedness Thinks without Form”

  1. It’s kind of like something I have always said, “Be God-Minded and everything will be taken care of. I remember times when I had to live each day by something I called “Stubborn Faith” but it worked and God never failed me. In fact I can’t remember a time when God has ever failed me. He has always answered dmy every prayer with either, “Yes, No or wait a while longer.” But he has always answered and every answer has always come at the exact right time .. never too little … never too much … and never late.

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