A Softened Heart Takes Us Home

“Now you must fully recognize the distinction between the ego-self that previously was the self of learning and experience, and the Christ-Self that is now the Self of learning and experi¬ence. You must take on the mantle of your new identity, your new Self.

“It is this recognition that you are now acting and living in the world as your Christ-Self rather than as your ego-self that will aid you in expression. Without expression, the return to unity that has been accomplished will not be realized.” (ACOL, T2:3.4 – 3.5)

Are we all ready for this? Jesus is here telling us that we have reached unity, that the Christ-Self has taken over our personalities, and that this change is an accomplished fact. The only thing remaining is the expression of the new Self, and this is a crucial proviso to understand. We can imagine that we are still trapped by the egoic self, the little self that knew separation from God. And we can continue to act out of this belief, camouflaging our real Self. Then the real Self, the accomplishment that has actually happened to us, will not be expressed. The unity of mind and heart into wholeheartedness will lie fallow. And all of our treasures will not be opened and shared with our brothers and sisters.

So we can still block God’s action in our lives. This much is still available to us. But why would we do such a thing? Why would we not accept Jesus’s promise of accomplishment as a fait accompli?

We may think that we are not worthy. But this is the ego speaking, letting us believe that we are living in grandiosity instead of grandeur. The ego is strong only in strife, and when we engage in drama, we invite a continuation of egoic nonsense. Let us be done with drama, once and for all. Let us be Zen-like in our everyday lives. This peace and quiet will serve us well as we seek to become proficient in letting the Christ-Self shine.

We need to realize the return to unity, the joining of heart and mind to bring to the forefront the Christ-Self. There is a very strong warning in this passage that we ourselves play a part in whether or not God’s Will for us, the union, the unity, will actually come about. We need to leave our fears at the door, we need to drop our judgments of other people. Fears and judgments: These are the two prohibitions that A Course of Love gives us. Both are not natural accompaniments to God’s reality, our true reality. But the way of the Christ-Self is open and free, a gift, when we are living a natural life in God’s reality.

Turn to the heart to ask what more, if anything, needs to be done. Try to reach deep within to see if there are things left undone that really ought to be done. And don’t doubt Jesus’s wonderful promises. They are meant for us. As we read A Course of Love, our heart will be softened, and we will finally know the peace of God that passeth understanding. We will leave in the harmonious, true reality for which we are intended.


I would spend time with You today, abundant time. I would soften my heart by my prayers. Your way is not a challenge to me; it is the most abundant good sense. I can follow the guidance that my Christ-Self points out to me, or I can be lost in shallows and in miseries. I would find my way Home today, Home in Your welcoming Arms.

Thank You for this blessed good day. I believe that if I am quick to be grateful for goodness, that goodness will find a welcome place in my heart and soul, and will be magnified. Your way is complete goodness. Your way is all that I want today and every day.

Be with me for the rest of this glorious day. Give me the patience that I need if anything should go wrong, and the joy that only You can give when things go right.

Thank You.


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