A New Day Dawns

“A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love work hand-in-hand because the change of thinking taught within A Course in Miracles was a change of thinking about yourself. It attempted to dislodge the ego-mind that has provided you with an identity that you but think you are. A Course of Love then followed in order to reveal to you who you truly are. While you continue to act within the world as who you think you are rather than as who you are, you have not integrated these two pieces of learning.” (ACOL, T2:4.3)

An often-quoted passage about the linkage between A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, this revelation invites us to turn aside from the ego by removing the blocks to the awareness of love, and then to be who we are, another way of saying to just “be ourselves.” This Self is the Christ-Self, though, not the little, or personal self that exists as a buffer between the world and our Self. The personal self does still exist as the self whom we show to our brothers and sisters. Not everybody is ready to accept the larger Self, and if we tried to tell them of it, they would just become confused and turn aside from what seems incomprehensible to them.

The curriculum of ACIM and ACOL is a complete whole, but one wonders if it was always so designed by Jesus. Perhaps he saw our confusion, our “stuckness” following our study of A Course in Miracles. We had dislodged the ego, but what would we do with ourselves when we were afraid to express a self for fear that it would be an egoic self? I have said that Jesus had “unfinished business” with us, and that that is the entire reason for the presence of A Course of Love. But I cannot see inside Jesus’s mind, and perhaps he always knew that something more would be asked of him. The linkage is clear, though not all students/teachers of A Course in Miracles are ready to accept the clear words of A Course of Love. And there are many who can allow A Course of Love to stand on its own without the backdrop of ACIM

Who are we truly? How do we “be who we are”? It is easier said than done, easier said than understood. We are a Christ-Self who is united through mind and heart with the God who dwells within, of Whom we are a part. We are meant to walk a smooth pathway, letting drama fall away from our beings. We are meant to live in perfect calm and quiet, and in this way we will be much happier than we have heretofore been. We are learning, still, why being “perfectly calm and quiet” is the purpose that A Course in Miracles gave us. And in the learning, we will, through observation and in-forming, we will move to create a new world. Our elevated Self of form, with others who have reached Christ-consciousness, will do the work of our very souls. Our union with God in the Christ-Self will let us know how to proceed.

We need to realize that saying these things will not make them come true. Our individual hearts are our lodestone. Each of us gets guidance from within, and when we follow this guidance, it is the place of the heart to draw us up into creditable instruments of God’s love. The work is not hard, we do not have to struggle to create this new world that Jesus so wants to see. Our joyous participation in the world will create everything fresh and new.

This is the promise. This is what we are about.


May I do my part in this great endeavor that Jesus is spearheading. I would relinquish the ego for all time, not dally into its machinations any more. And I would listen to the guidance of my Christ-Self, a Self who knows what Jesus’s purpose is all about. This inner Self is just coming into its own in many of us. May I find like-hearted companions to fulfill our mutual destiny.

Be with me today as I seek to do Your will. This work that ACIM/ACOL seekers are about is valuable and unlike anything the world has seen before. We are in a new day. Let’s pull together to see that the new day blooms fresh and alive, a new day that will create a new, peace-loving world.


10 Replies to “A New Day Dawns”

  1. This is so synchronous with everything I’ve been learning lately. This is definitely the present change that is afoot.

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