Love All who Share This World with Us

“First let us replace your idea of “others” with the idea of “relationship” that has been so often defined and repeated within this Course. In order to believe in giving and receiving as one, you must believe in relationship rather than in others.

“Those you would view as others are separate from you. Those you would view as being in relationship with you are not separate from you. The relationship is the source of your unity.” (ACOL, T2:7.4 – 7.5)

We tend to misrepresent our brothers and sisters when we distance ourselves from them by calling them the “others.” This is a habit in speech, but it points to a deeper problem. We are in relationship to our brothers and sisters, and in this relationship we are giving and receiving as one. We occupy separate bodies, but our spirits are united. And this relationship will take us far in this world.

We are One, but this One is differentiated into separate parts, a diversity. Yet each part of the diversity is in relationship with every other part, and this makes the diversity a whole, a One. This is the “unity and relationship” that Jesus discusses at great length in A Course of Love. We are meant to be in relationship, something that our ego never understood. The ego wanted to use our brothers and sisters for its own ends, in a competitive world where everyone was trying to outdo everyone else. This is sheer insanity. We are meant to be interdependent, not independent. And the ego never could wrap its deluded thinking around the concept of interdependence. We are in a world with other people, our brothers and sisters, because we need each other. It is just the way that true reality is set up. Becoming independent and autonomous sounds like strength, but it is not true strength. It is a caustic, false reality of those who don’t love enough. We make enemies of each other, saving our love for a special few. And these special few, in special relationships, may disappoint us, and then we have estrangement. This is not true love. This is not holy relationship.

Holy relationship is a great blessing that puts our world in proper relationship with the All who live with us on its dusty ground. If we eschew special relationships, being encouraged to love all who abide here with a holy love, we will be in holy relationship with everyone. And this is the way true reality really is. Our minds and hearts will unite with all in relationship to us. We will know that we are never alone, that not only is God deep within us, but that all others who share this world with us are our brothers and sisters with whom we are meant to be in holy relationship.

Life will smooth out when these truths from A Course of Love are taken unto ourselves. Knowledge will arrive, and egoic perception will slip aside. We will know without a tedious telling. We will know intuitively.


I can never share too much with my brothers and sisters with whom I live in holy relationship. I do best when we take my place in the world, never isolating myself in the interest of any activity, but joining with my brothers and sisters who so need me. This line of thought is true for all of us. All of us do well to join together, ever solicitous of good camaraderie and good fellowship.

Let me live this day as would best serve the world. If I am temporarily alone, let me know that this decision is not for all time, but just for the moment, maybe the day. I seek to take my place with those with whom I am in holy relationship, and this includes all I encounter, in whatever way, in whatever means.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

4 thoughts on “Love All who Share This World with Us”

  1. I have grown to maturity, always feeling connected to whoever crossed my path, even to the point of imagining an adversary as if friendship were just the flip of a coin away. Many tines, that has worked.

  2. Celia, this is another beautiful message that reinforces Lesson 41- God goes with me wherever I go.

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