We Have a Direct Pipeline to Our God Within

“This new attitude, then, includes accepting that you have needs. That you are a being who exists in relationship is the same as saying you are a being who needs relationship. The only thing that keeps you, in this new pattern, from being needy and dependent in an unhealthy way, is that you believe in giving and receiving as one. You believe, in other words, that your needs will be provided for, thus ceasing to be needs. To deny that you are a being with needs is not the aim of this Course. To come to believe that your needs are provided for by a Creator and a creation that includes all “others” is to believe in giving and receiving being one in truth.” (ACOL, T2:7.14)

When we reach out to others, they return the favor. This is giving and receiving as one. While not every individual singled out by us will return the favor, others will give when we have not reached out to them. It all evens out in the end. Giving and receiving, within the relationships that we form, is true because we are all one, meant to be one, meant to have a two-way street.

Our needs are met. Our desires are not always met, but real need does find a solution. And when we are in relationship one to the other, we see that our needs are met. As A Course in Miracles says, the solution is always with the problem. And a need is a problem that finds solution as soon as the need is recognized as a problem.

We don’t have to be hermits. Most of us don’t live in a solitary fashion, and the more we learn that interdependence is the way it is meant to be, the better we will feel. Of course, our relationship to our Self, the God within, is always part of the solution. When we commune with this innermost nature, we find solutions, and usually right away, without waiting. We can be glad that we have a direct pipeline to God Himself, that is not some distant Creator Who created us, and then left us to fend for ourselves. No, He is right here, within us, living our lives from within. We are His way to experience true reality, and when we dally in illusion, we do God Himself a disservice.

Give God a good day today. Let His blessings flow over us to remove all problems. Finding solutions is child’s play to the Self. The Self, we can judge, even enjoys untangling our difficulties. And with our faith in the efficacy of turning inward for solutions, we will walk a better pathway. Our world will be paved in green grass, deep and smooth, a way to walk that has no stones in our way.


I thank You for the knowledge, the revelation, that You reside deep within me. I am a part of You, and this humbles me and exalts me at the same time. But not in an egoic way. The way home to You is mapped out with precision, and I would do well to follow that map. Help me to do so, willingly, today.

I am meant to depend upon my brothers and sisters, as they are meant to depend on me. I am not meant to try, in vain, to go it alone. The way back is paved with interdependence. And my way back home becomes clearer every day. Thank You.


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