Our Desire to Experience the Physical

“Realize that you know that it is not God who abandoned you, but you who abandoned your Self and God. Give up your desire to think that if you did such a thing there was a reason for you to have done so. How many times have you asked yourself why you would have chosen separation if there had not been a reason for you to do so? Realize that a reason has been given here and that this reason, while perfectly believable, is not one that includes a need to abandon your Self or God. Why should you be more inclined to believe that you left a para¬dise in order to live a while in a form that would cause you much suffering and strife, for the sole reason of being separate from that to which you long to return? The only alternative has seemed to be a belief in a God that would banish you from paradise for your sins. We have worked, thus far, to change your idea of a vengeful God. Now we work to change your idea of a vengeful self. For what else would such a self be?” (ACOL, T3:2.11)

Previously, I focused in this blog on the express purpose for our existence, in form, in this world. Jesus defines this as our desire to create a new means of expression, in a physical self, for new experiences that would allow the various selves to experience one another in relationship. Separation happened, but not because we “desired” separation from God. We moved too fast, tried to do too much too quickly. And in the doing of that, we made fear for ourselves, and in this fear made a self borne of fear, the ego-self. And, until recently, this had been all that most of us had ever known.

We thought God rejected us for this misstep. But this idea is far from the truth. We do not have a vengeful God. And now we need to realize that our Christ-Self is also not vengeful, though the egoic self has evidenced elements of vengeance. Our Christ-Self is in charge now, and great will be the changes that this Self will create.

There is a difference between creating and making, a difference pointed out by A Course in Miracles. Creating is meant to denote true reality, while making is the illusion in which we have been caught. Do we not see what great and good changes are ahead for us?

We did not leave paradise meaning to leave God. We were merely creating physical form to experience further. But we got ahead of ourselves. And in the separation from God that ensured, we lived in fear with a fearful self that thought that at any minute God might strike us dead, consign us to hell.

What fearful beliefs we have entertained! Surely the time for such fanciful nonsense is behind us now. Surely the time now is for a new day, a new Self, a better route—and a union with our God, and our brothers and sisters.


There must be something very grand in this physical form, that we would leave a paradise to experience further, to express ourselves in a new and different way. Like everybody else, I made a false turn, and in the false turn made an ego-self who has caused much havoc. I would be through with this havoc. I would walk easily and peacefully with You directing every step.

Be with me today. As always I ask this. I know that You never leave me, that I am a part of You, and that means that You are closer than my breath. You are living through me. This can turn out very well when the ego-self has withered away.
I am finished with the ego-self. Help me to know this in my bones.



Go Easy with Ourselves

“You believed that for every gain there was also a loss. For you believed that every step in the advancement of your separated state was a step away from God and your real Self. This belief was based in logic, but the logic of the illusion—in which you believed you chose to separate from God out of defiance and a desire to be one with God no longer. This could not be further from the truth and is the cause of all your suffering, for contained within this belief was the belief that with each successful step toward independence came a corresponding step away from God.” (ACOL, T3:2.5)

We find from this quotation for today that we have been our own worst enemy, something in folk wisdom that is often stated even while we live egoic lives. We have even been masochistic, as this quotation hints, punishing ourselves for taking steps toward independence, because these steps were believed to be steps taken away from God—for which we would punish ourselves before, we thought, He would get a chance to do so. We surely believed that our fear of God was justified, for we thought that He blamed us for our desire for independence, autonomy.

We were trying to go it alone in a friendless universe, and this was never original purpose, and so this new purpose was bound to fail. Going it alone was not a part of anything that was possible in reality; going it alone could happen only in illusion. Our reason for being with others is contained in our creation, for relationship, with union of all, is part of the glorious plan of original creation. Our relationships with others create the interdependence that allows us to function successfully, cooperatively, in this world. And relationship and unity will be what create the world for which Jesus is carefully preparing us to create.

We did not leave God out of defiance. We were just rebels, desiring too much too fast. Living in form was a gigantic learning feat, and this new creation demanded a patience that we, in our immature self, did not have. And this failing of ours is best characterized as an adolescent rebellion.

We are taking steps back to God now. We have, in short, had enough. And it is about time.

Go easy with ourselves. It has been a long haul.


This beautiful day should never be rued. I am given a new day each morning, and often the way that I begin that day determines how things will unfold. Today began with writing a dialogue with You, imagining what You might say to me. Nearly all my days begin this way. Today, sitting on my sun/screen porch, I felt close to You. The words that I attributed to You were coming from my heart, but I think You hold a place there. I think I am a part of You. And knowing this is a great blessing.

Be with me for the remainder of the day. I sometimes take on more projects than I can do easily, and You would have me work effortlessly and with ease. Save me from myself if I am too eager. That was largely the mistake that all of us made eons ago, and now many of us know better.

Thank You for coming to me in silence, but for guiding my imagination to let that silence form words of guidance.


New Way of Expression in a Form that Would Expand Awareness

“The choice to represent your Self in form was a choice for sepa¬ration but not because separation itself was desired as you have assumed. This is the assumption you have accepted in much the same way you have accepted your free will as that which allows you to be separate from and independent of God. Once this assumption was accepted, the duality of your existence became paramount, became the only means you saw of deciphering the world around you and your role within it. Separation, alone¬ness, independence, individuality—these became the purpose you assumed rather than the purpose you started out to achieve—that of a new way of expression in a form that would expand awareness, through relationship, of self and others.” (ACOL, T3:2.3)

The quotation for today is very, very important, for toward the end of the quotation we find our reason for being, our purpose. We came into physical form to find a “new way of expression,” a form that would “expand awareness” through “relationship, of self and others.” The manifestation of our new form of creation included separation, but not because our original purpose was to separate from God. We just became too eager, like adolescent children who are hell-bent on experiencing all that this curious world has to offer. God “let go,” because he saw that to thwart our will would be to remove free will from us, something that He did not want to do, for He did not want pawns in a world of form. So the choice for separation became a mutual choice between God and us, and we were set on our pathway into despair, all because we were not ready to learn any other way, because we were too eager to take our time and learn easily the things that needed to be learned in a physical environment and in our physical forms.

These are the tenets from A Course of Love that explain why we are and what we are about—previously, in our suffering world that demanded the making of an ego to hold everything together. Or so we thought. The ego was a sorry substitute for real creation, because, since we had invented fear, we also made a fearful self to survive as best it could in this fearful world.

Now we are ready to make our way back to God. We are ready to embody form, the elevated Self of form, in a world that will be newly created by the Christ-Self Who has learned much after eons of false learning. We are beginning to realize that interdependence, with our brothers and sisters, is the better way, for there is a reason that we are in a world with billions of other people. We were never meant to be alone in isolated independence, with special relationships of a few who would try, in vain, to lend us support, emotional and otherwise.

We are ready to fulfill our original purpose, adolescents no longer. In maturity, we have learned much, and we know the Christ Self can fulfill us in ways that the egoic self never could. We will live in harmony and peace, and in joy. Our happiness will be complete, and with it, our return to God is effected.


Be with me today, in thick and thin, good and bad, right and wrong. I seek to do the right, but I know that isn’t enough. Good intentions are never enough. Guide me, my prayer always.

Thank You for this good day. I am calm today, and I would stay that way. I would find a way to let this calm permeate my world. And I know that this improvement is of Your doing. Thank You.


Truth to Life and Life to the Truth

“As has already been said, the accomplished Self is the Christ. Your remembrance of the Christ-Self has abolished the ego-self and allows us to begin the lessons of the personal self.

“We could not begin the curriculum here because you would have been unable, without the lessons of this Course, to distinguish the personal self from the ego-self. There is a danger even now in focusing upon the self of the body, as this self has been so long bound to the ego-self. Even with the ego once and finally vanquished, the patterns of the ego’s thought system remain to be undone. This is atonement. We work now to correct the errors of the past in the present, the only place where such work can be done. We work with what we have, a form fully able to represent the truth and, in so doing, we bring the truth to life and life to the truth.” (ACOL, T3:1.12 – 1.13)

This quotation for today contains one of the first hints for what will be our new creation, the elevated Self of form, the physical manifestation of the inner Christ Self. Jesus seems quite concerned that we not get waylaid into focusing on the physical in the wrong sense. When we embodied the ego, we believed, many of us, that the self of form, the persona self, was our ego-self. That this was all that there was, just an ego-self. But we have always shed the ego-self when we have died and gone to the Other Side, and now Jesus is letting us know that shedding the ego-self is occurring, at a rapid pace, in this world. And with the shedding of the ego-self, we are replaced that lamentable self with a glorious Christ-Self, a Self who is one with all others, and one with God, Who dwells within us, experiencing Himself through us.

The next step for us is the shedding of the patterns of the ego’s thought system. And this may take some time. Like an echo, which we have mentioned in previous posts, it is no easy task to shed the habits of a lifetime, these patterns of the ego’s thought system. These do include fear and trembling, judgment and anger, bitterness and vengeance. All of the parts of our personal self, the “little” self, that we would leave behind in embodying in form the Christ-Self, are parts that need consideration. Is there anything in the egoic personal self worth saving? Not much. We certainly have to relinquish fear and judgment, planning and attack, and move into a better place where these traits fall into the dust, never to rise again. We have known bits of solace, though, in art, religion, even science, as these treasures rose from the dust in explosions within the house of illusion. These treasures were the best of what the house of illusion could offer, and in finding them, we found a bit of God Himself. These treasures were harbingers of what the House of Truth would see blossom into a new world, created by us, people who will be newly reborn into our Christ-Self.

We make changes in the personal self in the present, which is the only time there is, the only real time, for time itself is an illusion, and the present exists in an eternity. These changes constitute atonement, or correction, of the (old) egoic personal self into the much better new Self.

Now is the time to press forward, for change comes only from without ourselves. We can abolish suffering through the Christ-Self, the only way this change can come about. And isn’t it high time?


May this day go well for all of us. May we let our Self determine what will happen to us, for we are creating as we go.

Be with me as I seek to make the decisions that You prompt me to make. May I listen to Your guidance as I let my Self out to play in this beautiful world.



“The ego’s thought system has been replaced by the thought system of unity and you are left, perhaps, feeling unsure of the part you are now to play. There is not one of you who has not begun to experience the transfor¬mation that is, in truth, occurring, although you may not as yet have seen the changes you are experiencing as the transformation to which you have been called. These changes, perhaps, seem like little things—a change in attitude here, a change in behavior there. But I assure you that these changes are mighty and are but the result of the change in cause that has occurred through your learning of this Course.” (ACOL, T3:1.7)

Here we are reassured that we are having a transformation, a transformation from the ego-self to the Christ-Self. And when this transformation is complete, nothing will ever be the same again. The culmination will be Christ-consciousness.

Now, sometimes this transformation happens suddenly, in an instant, and our brothers and sisters are left wondering what has happened to them. We may embark on a great quest to understand how and why we are different, for we know beyond the shadow of a doubt that we are very different indeed. And our significant others see this difference, and some ask questions. Suddenness has made the transformation seem very significant indeed.

Others of us, perhaps the majority, find transformation occurring gradually, sometimes very gradually. We recognize, as this quotation points out, a change here or there in attitude or behavior. We may not fully comprehend the great strides that are unfolding. This is Christ-consciousness occurring in glimpses, a moment of peace and tranquility that steals up on us almost unawares.

Be conscious of these small changes, for they are mighty indeed. Jesus assures us of this. And we will soon have a new persona, a personal self mirroring the inner Christ-Self, to present to others. We will almost not recognize ourselves. But we will be very inwardly glad that the change, the transformation, is occurring.

We will be new people, living in a new world that we are helping to create.


I am grateful that I know a few people who have walked the whole pathway to Christ-consciousness. I am having a very gradual Awakening, with a change noted here or there, nothing dramatic and certainly not upsetting. I used to be afraid of Awakening, believing that I would be hurled into reality, though Jesus denies this in A Course in Miracles. My glimpses come when I am especially peaceful, and this seems to me to a harbinger of things to come.

Thank You, dear God, for orchestrating this transformation for all of us so well. It is the next step for all of us. May we be ready, and may we be ready soon. Then we await Your action of reaching down and lifting us up, to Christ-consciousness.


Joy, Harmony, Peace, Calm

“The personal self exists as the self you present to others. This is the only way in which the personal self will continue to exist following the comple¬tion and the integration of this Course. Previously, the personal self that you presented to others represented an ego-self who you believed yourself to be. Now the ego has been separated from the personal self so that you may claim your personal self again and present to others a true representation of who you are.” (ACOL, T3:1.1)

A persona—but a true persona—is what the personal self will be from now on. Previously, we thought that our “self” was joined with the ego, and so it was. We thought this was a real self, but we were much mistaken. Now our personal self is a representation of the inner Christ-Self Who we are just coming to know. This personal self, or “little” self, as a persona, is not the whole truth of who we are, for the Christ-Self rules in truth. But our brothers and sisters, many of them, could not accept nor understand a Christ-Self, and so they see the personal self, a self that they imagine is much as it was previously. But they are wrong.

The personal self is now following the art of thought, miracle-mindedness, miracle-readiness, and as such our experiences are varying tremendously. We learned in A Course in Miracles that projection makes perception, and this is still true. But the projection is of a different personal self, a personal self no longer bound to the ego, and so our perception is miraculously changed. And life events will be changed as well, for what is within, projected outward, becomes quite different when the Christ-Self, within, is doing the projecting.

We are in reality now, not illusion, though we may or may not believe that the world we see is real. Our true reality may be what we think of as intangible—peace, joy, harmony, calm. The physical world does decay, which says that it is not permanent, and perhaps therefore not real. But genuine students of spiritualty from A Course of Love differ in their concepts of what true reality means. And there ought not to be a litmus test for the genuine among readers of ACOL.

Spend a while contemplating what the personal self without the ego will really mean. It is a whole new ball game. The blessings are great, and for this joy, we give up nothing—for the ego is nothing in a form that seems true. The ego is illusion, and therefore changes nothing in essence. We are well rid of a laborious and deadening illusion that pricked our conscience needlessly. We never did any harm in truth, only in illusion, and illusory deeds are ripe for forgiveness.


I would choose to be certain that my little or personal self today will exhibit calming emotions—peace, joy, harmony. It is still possible to let excitement, and therefore conflict, come into my world. But too much excitement is not good for me; it heralds a pattern of the ego, even if the ego is gone. I would not encounter any patterns of the ego today; help me with this.

I know when I need to get quiet and turn to You. And that is now. Getting news that is exciting and supportive of me does not necessarily mean that a given way is right. You know my limitations. Help me to retain my quietude today.


Share Love Gently

“Forget not who you truly are, but forget not also to be in joy in your expe¬rience here. Remember that the seriousness with which you once looked at life is of the ego. Drape your persona in a mantle of peace and joy. Let who you are shine through the personal self who continues to walk this world a while longer. Listen for my voice as I guide you to your purpose here and linger with you in this time to end all time. We are here, together, in love, to share love. This is not such a frightening task. Let fear go and walk with me now. Our journey together is just beginning as we return to the premise put forth in “A Treatise on the Art of Thought:” that of the elevation of form.” (ACOL, T2:13.6)

Many of us have been guilty of the seriousness of the ego. What a blessing to realize that such seriousness was always a mistake! Lightheartedness feels so much better, and we are encouraged to think that Jesus wants us to be peaceful, calm, joyous. If we sink down into very serious thinking, let us know that we are simply remembering the patterns of the nefarious ego, not actually seeing a return of that ego. We have habits of mind, and they will not be gone in an instant. It will take time to develop new patterns of thought, to develop the “art of thought,” which is miracle-mindedness or miracle-readiness. We don’t fully understand the miracle, even. But we will. We just need to be patient.

Seriousness, then, of the ego, is not to be a part of our new life. Love is. And lest love has become a hackneyed expression, we need to concentrate on love as Jesus means love. If we had heard that scientists had discovered a new substance in the universe that would grant us good health, greater longevity, and peace on earth—would we not be immediately interested? It is this that Love with a capital “l” will do for us. Let us not be fooled by the fact that we have heard all this before.

Jesus encourages us, in this quotation for today, to listen to his voice as he guides us to new purpose in this world. We will not actually hear an external voice, but we may hear an interior one. We can’t ever be sure that this is the actual person of Jesus, come to speak to us. But this voice is genuine, and when we test it out, follow it to good ends, we will know the truth of this guidance. Jesus’s purpose is clear: He is creating of us new persons, embodied by the Christ-Self Who is one with all people. This unity, along with the separate relationships that we enjoy with our brothers and sisters, will take us home to enlightenment, Christ-consciousness.

Leave behind fear and judgment, and the blessing is all ours.


I would leave behind my customary seriousness today. I have not always viewed life seriously, but my demeanor has been more serious than lighthearted. And this emotion was fueled by the ego.

No more! This day is grand, a chance to practice lightheartedness, a chance to be happy. I would be happy today, and the only way that I can do that is to let go of the seriousness that I have sometimes wrapped as a mantle around myself.

Thank You for the reminder that joy is Yours. Joy is what we are about. Joy will work.