On Being Answered with a Miracle

“There is not a time-lapse between the recognition of needs and the meeting of needs. It is accepted that giving and receiving occur in unison, thus further collapsing the need for time.” (ACOL, T2:7.20)

Jesus doesn’t seem to like time very much. He has earlier told us that miracles collapse time, and that time is a tool given us in this world to space out our experiences.

We already know, from A Course in Miracles, that the solution is always with the problem. And the problem is a need. So we see the similarity in these two concepts. Our needs are resolved as soon as they are recognized as needs, as soon as the light dawns that there is something that is missing in our experience. Isn’t this the way that a loving Creator would act in our world?

Giving and receiving happen in unison, when we are in right relationship with our brothers and sisters, and our God. This means, exactly, that our needs are met at the point that they appear. No waiting. No imploring. No beseeching. God answers us, giving us what we have perceived as a need.

Do we believe this? If not, we can test it out. Stop right now, and think over our lives. When a problem presents itself, ask for a miracle. We can even give a time frame in which we want an answer. We need, for this exercise to work, to be attuned within. We need to ask for a given need to be resolved. Write down the problem, date it, time and day, and then go about our business in a good frame of mind. God has the problem now. His miracle will resolve it in the right time.

When an answer comes (and it will likely come quickly), see if the answer gives us what we want. It is important to note that the answer may NOT be what you want, yet we recognize a divinity within the answer. If the answer seems very awry, see if we have penned a desire rather than a need. Desires are not always in our best interests. We want many things that years later, we recognize would have been wrong for us. But real need—yes, that is the crucial point to be made here. Miracles resolve real need, and sooner rather than later.

This little exercise is borne of personal experience. When I am attuned to my inner Self, the answer to my needs, and sometimes my wants, comes quickly, on the heels of a prayer. Almost before the words are thought sometimes does the answer come. And if time is needed for an answer, I can sense that as well. Then there is a final important part: Don’t forget to say “thank you” to the universe, which answered with a miracle.


I would ask for miracles often, for they are a way that You communicate with me, and our communication is very dear to me. I know that you “speak” in silence, but my guidance is clear, and I am wise to follow it faithfully. Thank You for leaning me the expert knowledge that You have. Thank You for being You, my Creator and my Friend.

I would ask that this day go well, that miracles pave my way. I know that miracles paved my way yesterday, and I know that Your Will for me is always good and consistently kind. Our relationship is a cherished one, and I am entirely in Your debt for giving me a smooth walkway.


4 Replies to “On Being Answered with a Miracle”

  1. Beautifully penned thoughts… The concept of time, need n unison can’t be explained better!! 👍🏻👍🏻

  2. This is a timely piece for me. I have asked for a miracle of healing ( as Jesus encouraged us to do in the Treatise “I request that you ask for a miracle…) and it seemed it was given. Within a few weeks, the distress return full force. So I am ‘listening’ to the area of distress to see if there is something I need to know that ‘it’ would reveal to me. I’m wanting to be open, but also feeling a bit let down. Moving through the ‘let down’ part to wanting to be in harmony with it all. Chanting I am the peace of God all the time in my head. Thanks for your faithfulness, Celia!

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