In Glorious Ease We Are Home

“You are not here to rest and gain strength for another journey in search of something that is not available here. Here is the realm of the already accomplished. This is home. Your expression of who you are may lead you to many new adventures but never again to the special relation¬ships that would take you away from your true Self. Never again will you be away from home for home is who you are, a “place” you carry within you, a place that is you. This is the home of unity.” (ACOL, T2:8.6)

We have arrived, Jesus says in this passage. We have already accomplished what seemed impossible just a short time ago. Shorn of the ego, we step out on new adventures. Shorn of special relationships (but not shorn of holy ones), we find a way to tell our significant others that we love them, sometimes in words, sometimes in actions. We are walking new ground. We don’t fully recognize this only because we think that it is too good to be true. How could we have truly left all of our old nonsense behind? How could we be The Accomplished?

If we have vestiges of the ego in us (and many of us do), then we will not fully step out into belief about such joyous promises. The ego will tell us that we are being grandiose, not feeling genuine grandeur. We will think that our heads are swelling up even more, with such statements addressed to our weak and lowly self.

We can use such misgivings to turn aside, once again, from the ego and its machinations. We can, once again, say that we are through with limited thinking, that we want to believe Jesus, and that, certainly, we will. And when the ego is discarded, once again, a light will begin to shine. We will know that Jesus is not appealing to egoic grandiosity, but to the Self we have neglected for eons. The Self who wants to come out and play. The God-Self who is ourselves, free and joyous, limited no longer.

We have nothing to fear, and if fear still holds a toehold, we will slip and fall. The same with judgment. These two prohibitions are all that stand in the way of a Self who is gloriously setting foot in a new world, a new world of our own creation. We, in relationship with our brothers and sisters, are setting to work to create this new world. But not in struggle. In glorious ease. And the happiness that will be thrilling.

We are home now. We can still slip and fall, but we know how to pick ourselves up, and if we do so repeatedly, the falling will slow down. We are in a place where we have longed to be for a very long time, with nobody knowing how very long it actually has been. Now we are united with our Self, and with our brothers and sisters, in loving relationships that are now holy.

Our way is blessed. Let nothing tell us that we are unworthy, for we are God’s children, made in His image.


I ask for Your blessing today on the pathway that today I will walk. I ask to walk steadily and well, not to stumble into egoic nonsense. May my way be clear, my mind and heart joined in love for You and my brothers and sisters. Be with me now, as I seek to love the Self who is just coming into power.

I don’t understand how the ego has fallen away, but I sense that it has, to a large extent. May I not backtrack, but stay clear of the ego from now on. Tell me what to do daily. Tell me how to walk in Your way, the way that You go ahead of me and ease.

Thank You for being here for me, today as always.


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