Needs Are Always Answered—Often Immediately

“In relationship, every need is met by a corresponding need. It is a dance of correspondence.

“All needs are shared. This is what differentiates needs from wants. This is true in two senses. It is true in that all needs, from survival needs to needs for love are literally shared in the same measure by all. The other sense in which needs are shared is in the aspect of correspondence. They are shared because they are known. Every being inherently knows that it shares the same needs as every other being of its kind.” (ACOL, T2:9.6 – 9.7)

We learn through this passage how very alike we are to each other. Relationship is paramount, and in relationship we learn that we have identical needs to every other human being. Of course, this may seem self-evident, but how many of us have not imagined that somehow we were different from all others? We may think that we are better, or worse, but seldom identical. We can be reassured by this passage that others will understand when we share problems with them; many have been through something identical, for there is nothing new under the sun.

We do, though, have different desires/wants. We can imagine all kinds of great things that we want to happen to us in our lifetimes, and these wants are not identical to every other person. Our personalities differ, which make for different desires. But the true needs are the same, and it is these true needs that are always met. Right away.

Our only true needs are intangible. Material blessings may come and go, but our union with God is a given, and when this intangible is obscured, we suffer. But not for long. As soon as we call out for help, that helps arrives. We have asked for a blessing, and it is given to us—sometimes through other people, sometimes an interior, self-authenticating word from the Self. Our prayers do not go unheard. One needs only ask, and when our pride doesn’t get in the way, we know that we are answered.


Thank You for leading me to understand that when I call out—or rather in—to my Self, a part of You, I am immediately heard. And immediately answered, though the answer may seem to take time in the working out. I would not confuse myself with wants that are unnecessary and often ill-advised. I would stick to needs today in my prayers.

May I do what I can to smooth the way for Your Answer to come. For I am convinced that Your Answer always, always, comes.

Thank You.


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