It Is Time to Rest

“There is no such thing as a static level in unity where creation is contin¬uous and ongoing. You should have no desire to reach such a state and the awareness that you are in such a state can alert you, or serve as a sign, that the ego-mind and its fear-based thinking has momentarily returned. This does not mean that you will never be at rest or that you will be constantly seeking to arrive. As has already been said, you have arrived and rest exists only in the state of unity.” (ACOL, T2:9.14)

Creation is continuous and ongoing; this is another way of saying that God changes, just like His creation. We have often believed, through traditional Christianity, that God is unmoving, that He is a constant, that He doesn’t change. A Course of Love does not hold to this tradition, and, as such, is a departure from it. Would God be the only part of creation that never changes? If God is deep within each of us, as the Christ-Self, then we can see how change is likely. The Christ does learn, we hear in ACOL. The Christ-consciousness evolves, like everything else. We are not meant to be static, though Jesus has told us that we are The Accomplished, and so no longer need to struggle in our evolving lives.

We are retracing steps that we have made before, going back up a long carpet that rolls up behind us—this from A Course in Miracles. We made the right decision eons ago, and now we simply relive that decision. This is theology, and if it is hard for us to accept, we simply don’t have to do so; we can dislodge the ego and form a new identity without attaching ourselves to any theology. But the way will be clearer if we recognize why we are about what we are about.

None of us would want to live a static, unchanging illusion. This is illusion, and needs now to be left behind. Our true reality will see us growing and changing in spiritual evolution, as we progress toward and beyond Christ-consciousness.


Be with me today. It is so easy to get discouraged. I think that I make some progress, and then I fall back into fear. This fear may be only an echo of what has gone before, with the ego. But it hurts. And I would be finished with hurt.

I know that You are with me, living life through me. Help me to know that my echoes of fear are just that—echoes. A pattern of fear that will soon, very soon, fall away.

Thank You for that knowledge.


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