Feeling the Warmth of God

“A static state is not a living state because creation is not occurring within it. This is a living Course. This is why you are called to live it rather than to take it. This is why you are called to be a teacher and a learner both. This is how the exchange of giving and receiving as one occurs. This exchange IS unity.” (ACOL, T2:10.1)

When we recognize unity, we recognize that we are all one Self, one Christ-Self indeed. We recognize giving and receiving as one when we are one with our deeper Self, but we may not fully understand this plea from Jesus when we are reaching out to others. But the reaching out automatically means that the giving will elicit a receiving, the receiving will elicit a giving. This is because the Self is a shared Self, one with all beings, including the One God Who is within us and each and every brother and sister. God is not a pantheistic god in everything, as individual beings separate from one another. God is an All-Embracing One, and in knowing this we can finally come to see how we share the Christ-Self with everyone.

If we are learning A Course of Love well, we will live it rather than take it (and put it down). Its tenets will become second-nature to us. We will revel in the warmth of its words. This is living ACOL. This is becoming permanently changed by it.

So all of us are both teachers and learners, just as we were told in the Manual of A Course in Miracles. There Jesus told us that only time separates the teacher from the learner, and time does not really exist. Time, as an illusion, cannot trip us up. The ego is also an illusion, and when we turn aside from it, it too cannot trip us up. Illusions make what they would avoid, and we can easily relinquish time for all things except the practical. There is no good that the ego can do for us, and so we have no reason not to relinquish it entirely.

Unity is being One with our Christ-Self, our God, our brothers and sisters—indeed the whole of creation. This unity is differentiated into parts for the sake of relationship, for without relationship among different parts, we could experience nothing. This is a truth given by Jesus, but also discussed at length in Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God. Having relationships is mandatory for the ultimate Reality of God to experience His creation as well. As Jesus tells us repeatedly in ACOL, unity and relationship are what creation is all about.


Thank You for gently taking me by the hand and reassuring and healing me. Your love is palpable to me today. I wish for this palpable feeling of love every day.

I am indebted to You for the peace that I experience when I think of You. Thank You for always and forever being here for me.


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