Once the Journey Is Begun, the End Is Certain

“The Christ in you is the real you. The Christ in you is the Self who you become when you have united heart and mind once again in wholehearted¬ness. Thus the union of mind and heart is, as was stated previously, the first union, the union that must proceed all the rest. You are in a state of unity when you have achieved wholeheartedness. You are in a state in which you are able to learn. I am here to show you the way to the Christ in you.” (ACOL, T2:10.13)

The Christ in us is the Self who is a part of God. From this Self does Christ-consciousness spring. This Self has been hidden for eons, as we put our misguided faith in the directions of the ego, the egoic notions that gave us such struggle and such trauma. The ego does denote egotism, as Jesus means the ego, but this ego is not the organizing part of the self which Freud describes; the meaning is slightly different. With the ego as Jesus describes it, we have been taken over by a false persona, a persona that felt that to be one with God would limit us, would take away our free will—and we prided ourselves on our free will, always and forever. The ego thus defines separation from God. But when we come into our own Self, the Christ-Self, we will realize that the will of God for us and our real will are one and the same. This will save us from great trouble. And it takes us home to God, where we are constantly soothed and loved, in reassurances that we will prevail with the Christ-Self who means us well. The ego never meant us well, being a figment of imagination and a thought of insanity.

A Course of Love talks quite a lot about wholeheartedness, the joining of mind and heart, and, with that, the coming of Christ-consciousness. We need to be united with our Self, and this unity is the first unity we will know. Afterwards, we will come to know unity with our brothers and sisters in this world. We cannot meaningful join with others until we have merged internally with our Self. So this is what we ask for, pray for, first. When this first unity, of mind and heart into wholeheartedness, and then with the Self, we will no longer be lost in dreams of highs and lows, great drama. The dramatic way to live has never been satisfying to us, for for every high, there was an attendant low. And these lows could get very low indeed.

Jesus is here for us. He will show us the way. To believe this takes some faith in what A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love say. In ACIM, he said that we can imagine him taking us by the hand, and following along the pathway home with him. And he says that this will be “no idle fantasy.” The same type of reassurance occurs in ACOL as well.

We know that when we have achieved wholeheartedness, then Christ-consciousness is not very far behind. There is no time, and so whether this seems now or very far off, matters not. Time is an illusion that allows us to experience our world. And so our idea of “soon” may not be the same as God’s. But we can rest easy, for once this journey is begun, the end is certain.

Pray for wholeheartedness today. It takes very little true reasoning to know what the heart is trying to say to the mind. And when the heart speaks, we are well-served.


I would turn my little self, my personal self, over to my inner Self today. And I would renew this change in all the days of the morrow. My Self can lead where nothing else can. It can, Jesus tells us in ACOL, even eliminate suffering. Is this not powerful motivation?

Thank You, dear God, for standing by me when the world seemed all awry. It was my thinking that was awry, and now You are guiding me gently to a new way of thinking, to new thought. Sometimes I sense this change more than at other times. But I trust that change is happening, and I trust that this change is good.

Thank You for a good day in a world of ever-expanding horizons, a world influenced by my Self to create ever-better experiences in a new, true, reality.


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