Life: Interdependence—Not Independence

“This is why we spent a fair amount of time addressing needs in a way we had not previously addressed them. For only with your understanding that all that is real is shared does the ego lose its power. The ego was made from the belief in separation and all that followed from it. Thus your true identity must be re-created from the belief in unity that is inherent in the acceptance that you are a being who exists in relationship. Separation is all that opposes relationship, and the ego is all that opposes your true identity.” (ACOL, T2:11.7)

We are beings meant to reside in relationship. Now, we haven’t always wanted to believe this, for we have been badly taught. We have been taught that we would grow up to mature adults who would stand independently, sure of ourselves and certain in our goals. Not needing anybody. While our special relationships would belie this assertion, for we seem to truly need each other in specialness, nevertheless we can recognize ourselves in the characterization.

And now we are learning that we do need each other, that interdependence is the right way, that we are meant to be in relationship one to the other. One unified body. A Self Who includes everyone. Can we forgive God for creating us with the need for our brothers and sisters?

We thought we wanted independence above all else. But this was only egoic nonsense, not to be taken seriously. The ego believed in separation, believed that we would come into our own—that IT would come into its own—only in this state of separation. The ego sought to put ourselves on the throne of God, but the ego forgot one thing: We did not create ourselves. And the Creator does save us from ourselves. The plan of salvation does just that. And we are learning the plan of salvation, ultimate salvation in Christ-consciousness.

Our true identity is as Sons and Daughters of God. We understand that we are creatures who are meant to be creative, like our Creator, for He made us in His image, as we learned long ago in our childhood Sunday school. When we are united as one Christ-Self in relationship to the All, we are fulfilling our purpose. We have made it home at last.


I live in a world with other people, and it is with these people that I form a mutual relationship. Most important to me are my significant others, but not in a “special” sense—for A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love have taught me the folly of specialness and the much better choice for holiness in relationships. Help me to be patient with my brothers and sisters. Help me to love, even when it is sometimes difficult.

Thank You for the motivation that You have given me today. You are ever with me, and it is a good day when I sense Your presence in my life. Thank You for granting me this sensing today.


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