A Smooth Walk through Life

“Realize that when you think that this total reversal of thought concerning yourself and your world will be difficult you are listening to your ego. The Christ in you knows not of difficulty.” (ACOL, T2:11.10)

What a glorious reassurance this quotation for today really is! Yes, we are about a total reversal of thought for both ourselves and our world, but, as charged as this sounds, it will not be difficult. If we are still caught in thinking that it surely must be difficult, then we are listening to our ego, which makes all things difficult so that it can take the credit for changes. When we listened to the ego, we strived mightily to achieve, but now, we are told, achievement will come easily. We will without the investment of our ego in what we accomplish in this world, and it is the relinquishment of the ego is what will allow our tasks to be done effortlessly. We wanted to strive, previously, so that we would take credit for what we achieved. Now we don’t have the same egoic needs, and we can realize that we have already accomplished all that we are called to accomplish. These other-worldly accomplishments just have to be brought to our earth, and there left for all to enjoy. We take no credit in such a channeled way to proceed. But we are far happier in our channeling than anything we did when the ego was in charge.

The Christ in us, A Course of Love says, is relationship. We are in union with our Christ-Self, and with others—a two-step process that sets all things aright. We are differentiated parts of the Whole, the All, the One, God Himself. And in unity and relationship we come to know, really know, things that have been hidden from view because the ego could not learn of this ultimate reality.

How blessed we are to know that life can proceed without difficulty. We turn to inner guidance, and in this guidance, we are assured of a smooth walk in life. A walk back home to God. And then a happiness that will exceed all expectations.


I ask for Your help today, to have You bring a little bit of heaven to earth. This is all any of us want. This is all that I want.

Help me to be of service to others today, for in service I find myself. Your way is best, always, and You know that reaching out calms my mind. And I receive, also, for giving and receiving are one in this world that we will be creating.

Thank You for reassuring me about my path. I know that when I listen to Your promptings, my little world goes, always, a little better.


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