Love Borne of Holiness

“As valuable as the ego would tell you that you are, it still would thwart you being who you are through its denial of the relationships essential to that which you truly are.

“This cultivation then, of the all-encompassing holy relationship that exists within you and without you, both in all you are and all you are in relationship with, is how you are called to live your life and the call you are asked to sound to all your brothers and sisters.” (ACOL, T2:12.11 – 12.12)

This quotation for today identifies our marching orders. We first identify the Self within, and form a union with It. This Self is the Christ-Self, a part of God who dwells within in an unidentified place, but which we have called the heart. Then this Self reaches out to our brothers and sisters in this world, and this Self forms holy relationships with these others. We share, and in the sharing we come to know more of what the Self, in wholeheartedness, really means. Our Christ-Self guides us, day in and day out, as to how to change the world, and, if we go the whole pathway, how to create a new world. Our newly minted Christ-consciousness–Awakening, or enlightenment–shows us the right way to bring into this world what has already been accomplished, something that is done effortlessly and with abundant ease. We are The Accomplished, and in our new state of being we will recognize that this is not an egoic notion, come to claim us again.

The ego fostered independence, but we have traveled far enough long now to recognize that independence is a hollow victory. It never produced what worked. We need sharing in this world, a sharing that reaches from the inner Christ-Self to our brothers and sisters, for only then are we able to thrive. Just as a garden can’t thrive without the relationship of nature’s elements for proper growth.

Our proper growth is before us now. But it takes all of us, thriving in the love borne of holiness, to grow and develop, to change into what we are meant to be. Being who we are is not a static accomplishment. Growth and change occur naturally in God’s world, in true reality. And it is only in sharing in holy relationship with our brothers and sisters, that the Self comes to know who we really are. Being who we are changes over time, but it can never properly change in isolation. We do need each other.


What is this “holiness” that I am to emulate? What exactly do I do?

I stay close to You, journaling in dialogue with You. I pray silently, but with real words. I rest, just sensing Your Presence.

The way back is not hard, but it does take some dedication. I mustn’t forget You in my daily round. Remind me gently when I stray.


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