Share Love Gently

“Forget not who you truly are, but forget not also to be in joy in your expe¬rience here. Remember that the seriousness with which you once looked at life is of the ego. Drape your persona in a mantle of peace and joy. Let who you are shine through the personal self who continues to walk this world a while longer. Listen for my voice as I guide you to your purpose here and linger with you in this time to end all time. We are here, together, in love, to share love. This is not such a frightening task. Let fear go and walk with me now. Our journey together is just beginning as we return to the premise put forth in “A Treatise on the Art of Thought:” that of the elevation of form.” (ACOL, T2:13.6)

Many of us have been guilty of the seriousness of the ego. What a blessing to realize that such seriousness was always a mistake! Lightheartedness feels so much better, and we are encouraged to think that Jesus wants us to be peaceful, calm, joyous. If we sink down into very serious thinking, let us know that we are simply remembering the patterns of the nefarious ego, not actually seeing a return of that ego. We have habits of mind, and they will not be gone in an instant. It will take time to develop new patterns of thought, to develop the “art of thought,” which is miracle-mindedness or miracle-readiness. We don’t fully understand the miracle, even. But we will. We just need to be patient.

Seriousness, then, of the ego, is not to be a part of our new life. Love is. And lest love has become a hackneyed expression, we need to concentrate on love as Jesus means love. If we had heard that scientists had discovered a new substance in the universe that would grant us good health, greater longevity, and peace on earth—would we not be immediately interested? It is this that Love with a capital “l” will do for us. Let us not be fooled by the fact that we have heard all this before.

Jesus encourages us, in this quotation for today, to listen to his voice as he guides us to new purpose in this world. We will not actually hear an external voice, but we may hear an interior one. We can’t ever be sure that this is the actual person of Jesus, come to speak to us. But this voice is genuine, and when we test it out, follow it to good ends, we will know the truth of this guidance. Jesus’s purpose is clear: He is creating of us new persons, embodied by the Christ-Self Who is one with all people. This unity, along with the separate relationships that we enjoy with our brothers and sisters, will take us home to enlightenment, Christ-consciousness.

Leave behind fear and judgment, and the blessing is all ours.


I would leave behind my customary seriousness today. I have not always viewed life seriously, but my demeanor has been more serious than lighthearted. And this emotion was fueled by the ego.

No more! This day is grand, a chance to practice lightheartedness, a chance to be happy. I would be happy today, and the only way that I can do that is to let go of the seriousness that I have sometimes wrapped as a mantle around myself.

Thank You for the reminder that joy is Yours. Joy is what we are about. Joy will work.


2 Replies to “Share Love Gently”

  1. It is good to lighten up. God brought a cat across my path the other day, and a young boy who randomly hugged me during a delivery, to remind me of his playfulness and his delight.

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