Truth to Life and Life to the Truth

“As has already been said, the accomplished Self is the Christ. Your remembrance of the Christ-Self has abolished the ego-self and allows us to begin the lessons of the personal self.

“We could not begin the curriculum here because you would have been unable, without the lessons of this Course, to distinguish the personal self from the ego-self. There is a danger even now in focusing upon the self of the body, as this self has been so long bound to the ego-self. Even with the ego once and finally vanquished, the patterns of the ego’s thought system remain to be undone. This is atonement. We work now to correct the errors of the past in the present, the only place where such work can be done. We work with what we have, a form fully able to represent the truth and, in so doing, we bring the truth to life and life to the truth.” (ACOL, T3:1.12 – 1.13)

This quotation for today contains one of the first hints for what will be our new creation, the elevated Self of form, the physical manifestation of the inner Christ Self. Jesus seems quite concerned that we not get waylaid into focusing on the physical in the wrong sense. When we embodied the ego, we believed, many of us, that the self of form, the persona self, was our ego-self. That this was all that there was, just an ego-self. But we have always shed the ego-self when we have died and gone to the Other Side, and now Jesus is letting us know that shedding the ego-self is occurring, at a rapid pace, in this world. And with the shedding of the ego-self, we are replaced that lamentable self with a glorious Christ-Self, a Self who is one with all others, and one with God, Who dwells within us, experiencing Himself through us.

The next step for us is the shedding of the patterns of the ego’s thought system. And this may take some time. Like an echo, which we have mentioned in previous posts, it is no easy task to shed the habits of a lifetime, these patterns of the ego’s thought system. These do include fear and trembling, judgment and anger, bitterness and vengeance. All of the parts of our personal self, the “little” self, that we would leave behind in embodying in form the Christ-Self, are parts that need consideration. Is there anything in the egoic personal self worth saving? Not much. We certainly have to relinquish fear and judgment, planning and attack, and move into a better place where these traits fall into the dust, never to rise again. We have known bits of solace, though, in art, religion, even science, as these treasures rose from the dust in explosions within the house of illusion. These treasures were the best of what the house of illusion could offer, and in finding them, we found a bit of God Himself. These treasures were harbingers of what the House of Truth would see blossom into a new world, created by us, people who will be newly reborn into our Christ-Self.

We make changes in the personal self in the present, which is the only time there is, the only real time, for time itself is an illusion, and the present exists in an eternity. These changes constitute atonement, or correction, of the (old) egoic personal self into the much better new Self.

Now is the time to press forward, for change comes only from without ourselves. We can abolish suffering through the Christ-Self, the only way this change can come about. And isn’t it high time?


May this day go well for all of us. May we let our Self determine what will happen to us, for we are creating as we go.

Be with me as I seek to make the decisions that You prompt me to make. May I listen to Your guidance as I let my Self out to play in this beautiful world.


2 Replies to “Truth to Life and Life to the Truth”

  1. Each time l read your post, I always learn a thing or two from you and you’re doing an excellent job in teaching me. Thumbs up.👍👍👍

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